'Lost' Series Finale Video: The Well Is Empty. Oh Well...
'Lost' Series Finale Video: The Well Is Empty. Oh Well...
We're here. The very end of Lost. Wow.

But let's not get stuck in nostalgia--there's still one episode, one really long episode, to go before we can say it's really the end. Here's the second preview clip from Sunday night's series finale. It is called "The End" and it features Locke and Ben going to the well where Sayid kept Desmond, only to find out that it's empty.

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But it's not the two who find out it's empty. Instead, it's our favorite con man Sawyer, who managed to squeeze in a pun or two.

So where is Desmond? Did Widmore get to him early? Did he get out? Was it Jacob? Just another bunch of questions that have to be answered, although I'm sure we don't have to wait six years to find out.

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