'Lost' Preview: The Island Really Isn't Finished With You, Desmond
'Lost' Preview: The Island Really Isn't Finished With You, Desmond
Tonight's Lost episode is called "Happily Ever After", but I highly doubt what's going to happen tonight will be any similar to what the title suggests.

Okay, there is a reason to be happy. Desmond is back! He is, indeed, Widmore's special "package", kept in a locked door inside his sub! It ends our weeks-long question of how he'll figure in the final season, especially after his blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance on alternate Oceanic 815.

And a Desmond-centric episode means the return of some of our favorite characters. First off, Penny--indeed, a Desmond episode is not complete without her. Sonya Walger may be cheating over at FlashForward but here in Lost, her heart's with Desmond and nobody else.

Dominic Monaghan also returns as Charlie, perhaps appearing in Desmond's (presumably happy) flash-sideways. But the most important return is that of Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday: his life and Desmond's are incurably intertwined, and it would be interesting to see how it all figures in the flashes. Maybe Dan's brain isn't as mushed-up as the original timeline's?

But Desmond returns for not-so-glorious reasons. He is, after all, Widmore's "package", and judging from the photos we've seen, he'll be used as a tool to help him take over the Island. He is, after all, special. "The rules don't apply to you," Daniel said before. "The Island is not yet done with you," Eloise said. And now he's back on the Island, tied to a chair, locked in a room with huuuge coils, probably harnessing the electromagnetic anomalies of the Island...

...what's so happy with that?

More importantly, how will Desmond's involvement change the game currently unfolding on the Island, the one between Jacob and the Man in Black, the survivors behind them (unwittingly or otherwise), and the fate of the world at large? We'll get lots of answers tonight, I'm sure--tonight's episode is written by Messrs. Cuse and Lindelof, after all.

Lost returns tonight from 9pm on ABC. It's a pretty big episode, kids. Strap yourselves in.

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