LOST - Jack and Kate or Sawyer and Kate... Written in the Stars?
LOST - Jack and Kate or Sawyer and Kate... Written in the Stars?
The infamous LOST love triangle, Jack, Saywer, and Kate, has been a staple of LOST since the beginning.  Now, since LOST - I Do, it would seem that Kate has made her choice and is in love with the scruffy con man Sawyer.  Meanwhile, Jack has no intentions of letting go, just yet, no matter how bleak his situation looks.  Well, don't tell Sawyer, but our friends at firepig did a little celestial compatibility check and you might be surprised by who shows up as most compatible for the svelte brunette Kate.
If you track what the fans want, you'd find LOST fans surprisingly fickle.  From the beginning it seemed that Jack would be the one to end up with Kate, but as it always is with LOST, nothing was as it seemed.  It actually turned out to be Sawyer who got the first kiss, albeit a stolen one, in season one of LOST.  Season Two of LOST finally found Kate and Jack sharing a smooch, moment after a fever stricken Sawyer confessed his true feelings for her.

Bringing closure to the triangle was one of the big promises of the LOST mini-season.  When Sawyer snuck another kiss very early on, it seemed the odds were favoring him, and sure enough, just a few short episodes of LOST later Sawyer and Kate were seen to do the wild-thing in their polar bear cages while Doctor Jack looked on with envious eyes.

Now, as we approach the return of LOST with 'Not in Portland', Jack is helping the duo escape back to the safety of the beach, with the certainty that he will never see Kate again.  Will yet another confession of love be revealed tonight?  Or will Jack let Kate drift away and turn his affections towards Juliet.

The answers may be found in Chinese Astrology.  Using the data available on the actors themselves, fire-pig put together two profiles to try to determine which pairing had the best chance of surviving.  I won't take away the fun by telling you here, check it out for yourself: