Lost: Is It Really Desmond In That Locked Sub Door?
Lost: Is It Really Desmond In That Locked Sub Door?
A few weeks back, Jacob tasked Hurley and Jack to go to the Lighthouse--yep, that one with the mirrors--to guide whoever it is that he claims is arriving on the Island. Well, no guiding happened because Jack busted the mirrors.

Last week, someone did arrive on the Island, only on a submarine, with equipment that's definitely more sophisticated than that primitive lighthouse. That, and since it's in a submarine, there's no way he'll see the light from the lighthouse. That guy happens to be Charles Widmore, and it looked like a pretty easy fit... until history caught up with him.

Okay, so I'll be repeating points we've made before, but I think this situation warrants just that. During Widmore's later years on the Island, he ordered Ben to kill a baby girl that would eventually be Alex. It's Jacob's will, he says. That should put him on the side of Jacob, but we all know it was Ben who rose to prominence soon. It was Ben who, as the leader of the Others, took Jacob's orders and followed them faithfully.

Sure, that didn't end very well--Flocke ultimately manipulated Ben into killing Jacob--but despite the murder, Jacob still seemed to favor Ben, judging from Miles' "he hoped he was wrong about you" line. And, last week, Ben was welcomed into Ilana's fold--I won't be surprised if Jacob had something to do with it.

Besides, Widmore always seemed to be much more evil than Ben. I know, Ben's sinister in everything he does, and he's done many things that made life (and death) complicated for the Others, the DHARMA Initiative, and the Oceanic survivors. But Widmore's much more ruthless and much more selfish. All he wants is to possess the Island. At least Ben was concerned for its inhabitants.

So, is Widmore on the side of the Man in Black? No. He seems to be against him, too. Is he out to possess the Island again like he promised? Maybe, but he could've done it earlier, right?

So, a part of me believes that he's a meddling third party, butting in into an impending war just to get what he wants. It's pretty much like what Sawyer said he'll do: he'll have both sides fighting and he'll sneak out the Island. Widmore is the sneaker. And I won't be surprised if he'll be collateral damage.

But despite his intentions, maybe Jacob still used Widmore for something. Which brings us to the big question of the week: what's inside that locked sub door?

Desmond? It should, right? Widmore never liked him, so he has enough reason to kidnap him and bring him somewhere. Maybe to the Island, to be abandoned forever, so he can stay away from Penny and Charlie. That, plus what Eloise told him--that the Island is not yet done with him--and the fact that he's still in the show's opening credits.

If that is the case, wouldn't it be pretty stupid of Widmore to actually bring him to the Island? Surely he knows what Desmond can do, right? He's more of a hindrance to his plans, whatever they may be, than an advantage.

A part of me wants to think that it's not Desmond inside the locked sub door. One, it's too small. Maybe it's a weapon of sorts, a means for him to either take over the Island or drag it down with him. (I call it Jughead 2.0.) A part of me also thinks that Desmond will make a grand return to the Island, perhaps via the Our Mutual Friend.

But, knowing what the major forces of the Island have done before, maybe the key to everything is inside that door... and maybe all those credits will go somewhere, finally.

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