Lost: For The Nth Time, Is Charlie Pace Returning?
Lost: For The Nth Time, Is Charlie Pace Returning?
I call this the Lost-is-going-to-end-next-year-so-we're-a-little-too-excited-than-usual phenomenon.  I think this is the third time in the same number of weeks that we're asking the same question: will they bring Charlie Pace back to life for the show's sixth and final season?

Let's backtrack, then.  The rumors started flying when Dominic Monaghan suddenly popped up on a promotional trailer for ABC's new fall shows.  What's he doing there?  Isn't he dead on-screen already?  Is he being brought back to life?  Turns out he's snagged a role on a different show entirely, Flash Forward, which is being touted as Lost's cousin-slash-replacement (and which I still think is a snazzy bit of casting).

And then there's this rogue tweet last week, claiming that Monaghan will be returning for four episodes, along with Emilie de Ravin and Maggie Grace.  Now that's stirred a lot online, but it was quickly ruffled when the original poster said the information he got was false (before the Twitter page went down with it).  The only thing confirmed was that de Ravin is returning, after disappearing for the entire fifth season.  Grace's "return" is news even to the actress' reps, and Monaghan's "return" is a little more confusing, and only because the representatives are being ambiguous.  "He might or might not be back on Lost," they said.

Now, another one gets thrown to the fire, and it involves Monaghan yet again.  E! Online now reports that there is "mutual interest" between Lost bosses and the actor, which could set up a Charlie Pace homecoming of sorts.  Now they have some explaining to do--so he's dead, right?  And they said last week that the final season of the show won't rely on flashbacks, so it'll be a smooth-sailing storyline as it wraps up?  Is he alive after all this time?  Why are we asking these questions?

They said we should look out for an official announcement in the coming weeks, so...

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online
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