Lost: Episode 5.12 "Dead is Dead" Recap (Page 1/5)
Lost: Episode 5.12 "Dead is Dead" Recap (Page 1/5)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Lost: Ben got whacked in the back of the head by Sun and woke up in a cot on the Island face-to-face with John Locke, the man he killed.  In 1977, Richard Alpert took a dying Young Ben to the Temple to be healed.

A man rides through the jungle on a horse, settling in a Hostile camp. The mystery man accosts Richard Alpert, wanting to know why he brought the boy to the Temple. They fight, the man talks to Young Ben about how the little boy is now one of them, and as every single Lost fan guessed well before it’s revealed, the man is Charles Widmore. Is there anyone Ben didn’t meet as a young boy?

In the present, Ben is woken up by John Locke and Ben is surprised the man he killed is alive, but he still thought this would happen. He’s just shocked that his beliefs turned out to be true. That’s a pretty poor example of faith.

He explains that he was on his way to the big island to atone for coming back, which he wasn’t supposed to do after being banished. He wants to be judged by something that has no name, but we call it Smokey, the Black Smoke Monster. Huzzah, Black Smoke Monster always means a great episode.

It’s time to trace Ben’s life on the Island, and the first flashback takes us to when he steals Alex from Rousseau. Ben finds her camp while aided by a young Ethan at his side. They have a real Batman and Robin thing going on. He storms in and takes Alex for no real reason, but he does provide a warning to Danielle. If she wants Alex to live, she should run every time she hears whispers. Well, that means at least Ben knows what those whispers mean.

In the present, Ben is back to playing mind games with unwitting pawns, and in this instance, it’s Caesar. Ben easily manipulates his pawn into thinking John Locke is unsafe, leading Caesar to show off the sawed-off shot gun in his backpack. That metaphor could probably also be used to describe what Caesar and Ilana probably did the night before, though I’m just speculating.

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