LOST - Enter 77, Enter the Flame (PREVIEW)
LOST - Enter 77, Enter the Flame (PREVIEW)
LOST returns and this time it is Sayid under the flash-back microscope as the Iraqi with the twisted past, Kate, Locke, and Danielle, make their way through the jungle in search of the Others' compound.  What will they find?  What surprising revelations await?  Read on for the shocking details.  (Be careful, minor spoilers ahead.)

After speaking to a few people who have seen the episode, I'm under the impression that we learn a few things about Sayid's past that will have a big impact on the way we look at his character.  As for that crazy title,  sounds like an instruction, doesn't.  Maybe something that needs to be entered into a computer?

LOST fans seeking answers will be on information overload tonight.  Are the others Dharma?  We know not all of them are, but what is the connection between Dharma and the others, and what happened to Dharma?  That Hanso quoting Mr. Friendly seems to be a Dharma refugee, but Ben, on the other hand, claims he was born on the island, so clearly he is not.  Tonight, we will know.

The character to spill this information will be none other than the eye patch guy from 'Further Instructions'.  Ever since making his chilling debut, fans have been anxious for a run in with the ocular-impaired one.  Resident of, we assume, the flame, this guy has been a piece of LOST lore since Eko and the gang discovered a glass eye in last seasons 'The other 48 days'.

Here's what we know about the episode:   Sayid and the gang come upon the flame station which has a few different functions. First, it seems to be some kind of farm.  Second, it has a radio antenna capable of broadcasting for "thousands of miles".  In the audio preview on the official LOST podcast, available at lost.abc.com, Danielle claims she never saw it.  Okay, so how did she get her voice on the recording that it transmits?  Maybe not the same antenna?  Will we ever see that antenna?  For now, this is what we have.

Want more?  Here is TvGuide's Michael Ausiello's super spoilerish take on tonight's LOST:

Good question. I managed to get my grubby little mitts on tonight's Damon Lindelof/Carlton Cuse-penned outing, "Enter 77," and, although it's pretty significant — not to mention edge-of-your-seat spine-tingly — I don't think it qualifies as game-changing. What makes it significant, you ask? Well, we kinda-sorta learn (Spoiler alert) the connection between Dharma and the Others, as well as the identity of creepy *y*-****h guy. Oh, and a series regular gets shot, a recurring character gets killed, and someone we've seen before utters the following line: "I'm the last living member of the Dharma Initiative."

Intriguing, no?  Can LOST fans handle so much information?