Lost: Does John Locke Seem Different To You?
Lost: Does John Locke Seem Different To You?
I can’t shake the feeling that John Locke is different, and I keep asking myself why. Did he part his hair on the opposite side than usual? No, that can’t be it. New brand of soap, maybe? No, I‘m sure it‘s still the generic DHARMA brand. Not a lot of good buys on the sandpit. Did he switch to Burma Shave? Or start seeing a new Hostile? Did the Earth move for him last night?

Perhaps it did. Ever since John Locke came back from the dead he’s seemed more relaxed, confident and in control. John often seems to feel a responsibility to do things on his own like a father who‘s responsible for doing what‘s best for his family, even if they don‘t like it; and all the while he struggles to keep Benjamin Linus from getting in his way. He’s wryly funny but in a somewhat introverted way, guarded, serious. He’s rarely whimsical or easy going. Even in his most easy going moments he's the Bob Newhart of Lost.

The balance of power seemed to be shifting between John and Ben long before Smokey Alex scared Ben within an inch of his life and demanded he become Locke’s faithful servant. Ben is used to knowing more than other people, even if he doesn’t know everything he claims to. His confidence has always been based on a shaky premise. He’s like a man holding his fingers in his jacket like a gun. He feels coy because Locke and the others never know what he’s talking about, and can’t be sure whether he’s dangerous or just scared, useful or just bluffing.

I get the impression that since returning from the dead John Locke actually knows a lot of the answers that Ben only pretends to. Because he’s no longer threatened by Ben’s fake gun, the three Aces that might or might not be in Ben’s hand of cards, he doesn’t have to tiptoe blindly around his nemesis. He knows where to walk now.

I’ll pose the question to you, dear reader. Does John seem different to you? He told Sun that he was the same John Locke. But do you believe him? And is he now the secret keeper, or is there a different explanation? Is his soul still at peace, for example, or filled with some sort of Heavenly reassurance? Has he simply gotten closer to God?

-Henry Jenkins, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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