LOST Co-Creators Prepare to Boldly go... Plus, Sylar as Spock?
LOST Co-Creators Prepare to Boldly go... Plus, Sylar as Spock?
LOST co-creators J.J Abrams and Damon Lindelof have begun discussing their joint production of the 11th Star Trek film, currently working under the conspicuous working title of Star trek XI.   The film is a touchy subject among the series’ vast and diverse fan base.  One wrong move with the Star Trek mythology and a nation of Star Trek fans could converge, spewing fluent Klingon and packing Vulcan nerve pinches. Is all the worry amongst Trek fans warranted?

LOST producer Damon Lindelof highlighted the interesting pairing of Trek screenwriters  Roberto Orci, a dyed-in-the-wool, old school Trek freak, and Alex Kurtzman who is among the Trek fans who grew weary with the fading attempts to keep the series fresh.

"Alex and Bob are both geeks and nongeeks at the same time," Lindelof said.  "They can have a tremendous amount of respect for the source material, but they know that a studio is bringing them in because they can make it understandable to an audience that has no comprehension of that source material whatsoever."

The film will feature the early adventures of Kirk and Spock, whose parts have yet to be cast.  Don’t expect an old school look however, the new film is definitely intended as a reboot of the original with a few new twists and turns of its own.

One persistent casting rumor has Heroes bad guy Zachary Quinto at least showing major interest in pursuing the role of Spock.   According to Quinto, the interest was at first spurred by fans writing him and begging him to take the part.  Quinto later told Starburst, “I tend to be the type of person who acts from a very visceral place and reacts emotionally to situations, and to ‘become’ a character that is completely the opposite of that is one of the reasons why I’m an actor. I would love the opportunity to understand what it is to only operate from a place of logic and look at things so specifically from that perspective.”

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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