'Lost' Aftergasm: The Miles and Hurley Comedy Hour
'Lost' Aftergasm: The Miles and Hurley Comedy Hour
What improvements are you really going to make to Empire Strikes Back, Hurley?  Empire might be the best genre movie of the past thirty years.  It'd make more sense to give George Lucas some help on Return of the Jedi because, as you yourself stated, no one likes Ewoks.  The actual reason Hurley was writing Empire, I imagine, is so the Lost writers could use that cutesy play on words in the episode title (“Some Like it Hoth”).  Last night was your patented “Let's take a breather before the stretch run” episode.  Lost needs these and, while right now some viewers might be a little disappointed, it makes watching the DVDs much more palatable.  You can't be in fifth gear all the time.  I also liked that they didn't beat around the bush – Miles was obviously Dr. Chang's son.  No need to stretch that mystery out.  Besides the very last scene, which brought an old friend back into the fold (finally!), “Some Like it Hoth” was a simple character study.  And the Miles-Hurley Comedy Hour. 

I was always a bit turned off by Miles' “power,” mostly because it came from nowhere, without much explanation.  Even though last night was his episode, we still didn't get much explanation as to why Miles can hear the dead.  We can chalk it up, I suppose, to a connection with the island.  There were some nods to the fact that it might be hereditary, that Pierre Chang also has that ability.  Still, why?  Dr. Chang, one would assume, will be a major player over the final four hours of the season, so maybe we'll find out yet. 

The soul of the episode was in the tenuous relationship between Miles and his father.  There's something poetic about Miles' situation.  Never getting to meet his father, finding out from his dying mother that he died, then receiving the opportunity to meet and get to know him, but being unable to reveal to Chang that he's actually his son.  Hurley's reaction to Miles' confession took me by surprise, but it was perfect.  Of course Hurley would try to force the issue. 

Though we have to assume Miles will have a significant part to play over the rest of the season and perhaps the series, it's still bizarre to have a secondary character receive such a comprehensive episode in the lead-up to a season finale.  Was there anything all that enlightening in Miles' back story to justify its placement here, near the end of the season?  The meeting with Naomi, and the mention of the plane makes it clear that the Oceanic 815 wreckage was definitely faked by Widmore.  But, what else was there?  Miles is in it for the money?  But, we knew that already. 

I don't want to complain, though.  The C-Story, with Roger Linus, Jack, Kate and Sawyer was a good set up for the action to come.  In two weeks, when Lost returns, we'll be getting a Daniel Faraday episode, which I'm very much looking forward to.  Until then, I find myself without much to think about as a Lost fan, which is actually kind of a nice feeling.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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