Lost 3.19 - The Brig - Easter Eggs Revealed
Lost 3.19 - The Brig - Easter Eggs Revealed
Another story intensive LOST, so not much in the way of easter eggs.  Seems whenever the writers are focusing on getting some info out there they hold back on the little background references.  Probably for the better, how could we have truly enjoyed that awesome story last night if we were freeze framing every five minutes.   None the less,  we have rounded up some goodies for you so cruise on through to the LOST 3.19 The Brig Easter Egg update.
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It appears that the same kids from "The Other 48 Days" appeared VERY briefly.   the boy is definitely the same actor, the girl has shot up tremendously, which isn't so unreasonable considering it has been over a year since "The Other 48 Days" was shot.  Perhaps this is why they only got a couple of frames of screen time.

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