John Hawkes Gets 'Lost'
John Hawkes Gets 'Lost'
Now, that was quick.

I only spotted the Lost casting call for a new recurring character yesterday, and one day after, they've already taken someone to play the role.  John Hawkes is set to join the sixth and final season of the ABC series, which premieres next year.

The character, named Lennon, is described as the edgy and charismatic spokesperson for the president of a foreign corporation.  While his position seems lowly, he holds much more power than that, and is quite a good negotiator.

Hawkes previously appeared on a couple of HBO series: Deadwood and, more recently, Eastbound & Down; that's apart from minor roles on 24 and Taken.  His film credits include American Gangster, Miami Vice and The Perfect Storm.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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