How LOST Are You? A Recap of the Last Six Episodes...Part 4
How LOST Are You? A Recap of the Last Six Episodes...Part 4

Season 3, Episode 4, "Every Man for Himself"

This episode may have had the most shocking opening, at least for me. Initially, we see Sawyer fixing his cage so that he and Kate can escape. As Ben approaches him, he grabs him in an effort to electrocute him. The plan fails, and Ben beats him to a pulp. When he comes to, the Others have him strapped onto a table and shove a huge needle into his heart - he has no idea what it is, and I'm completely terrified by the mind games. Ben then shows Sawyer a rabbit, scares it, and the bunny dies. Ben tells him that there was a pacemaker placed inside the animal, and that if his heart rate gets too high, the heart will explode. (Explode? Really?) He then tells Sawyer that this same contraption was placed into his heart. And that if he tells Kate what's happened, they'll put one in her, too.

When he heads back to the cage, Kate is filled with questions, and gets frustrated with a Silent Sawyer. She tells him she found a way out by climbing through the bars at the top of the cage, but he insists that she not try it.

The woman that Sun shot is brought into Hydra, and Juliet gets Jack to help save her, but there has already been too much damage, and the woman dies. Pickett, one of the Others with a temper problem, freaks out and beats on Sawyer until Kate confesses her love for him.

After all the beating is seemingly done, Kate gets out of her cage and tries to free Sawyer. He insists that she stop and that if she really loved him, she should just go without him. Kate decides to fight back and tells him she was only saying that so Pickett would stop hitting him, and gets back into her cage.

On the way to helping the dead woman, Jack had spied some x-rays and demanded that Juliet tell him whose they were. He knows they were of a middle-aged man with a huge tumor on his back, and he wants to know why he's really there.

Back to the other Losties, there's a brief heatedness between Charlie and Desmond, because Charlie is ridiculously over protective of Claire and fears that Desmond is getting too nosey. However, it turns out that Desmond helps save them from a lightening storm - but how did he know there would be one? (Cue 'Twilight Zone' theme...)

Meanwhile, Ben decides to take Sawyer for a walk. He tells him that his heart will not be exploding, they didn't put anything inside of him. To which Sawyer replies, "Good one, Ben! Joke's on me!" Okay, maybe not. On their walk he's taken to a cliff where we see another island. Ben tells him it's where the Losties are, where they first landed - and that there's no way to get back there.

The Flashback: Sawyer's in jail and a new guy (my favorite Javier from 'Felicity') comes in on a thievery of $10 million from the government. Sawyer's lady friend pays him a visit, with pictures of her daughter. He vehemently denies that he has a daughter, and she leaves. There's a cat and mouse game between the warden, the new guy, and Sawyer, and Sawyer ends up helping the warden out so that he can cut six years off his sentence. He gets a small commission and ends up putting it in a trust fund for that 'daughter' of his.

Does Sawyer really believe there's another island? Does Kate really not love him? The answers to these and more - maybe - on the next Lost.

-Jinju Brandis

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