'Heroes' Did Not Steal Kristen Bell From 'Lost'
'Heroes' Did Not Steal Kristen Bell From 'Lost'
With the announcement of Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell appearing on Heroes coming hot on the heels of her declining an alleged regular role on Lost, its not surprising that some outlets are running with the notion that Heroes stole, or somehow won, Bell away from the Lost gang.  The rivalry between the shows exists almost entirely in the minds of overzealous fans, and there are many news blogs and even mainstream media sites that waste no time exploiting it.  In this case, though, the truth reveals a much different scenario.

The report over the weekend that Bell would be appearing on Heroes, if anything, shed a lot of light on why Kristen Bell ultimately turned down the alleged role on Lost, and it had nothing to do with NBC's hit series.

The Lost gang was apparently interested in bringing on Bell to play the character of Charlotte.  The character description for Charlotte described the role as possibly having a multiple season arc, and the rumor mill has the character as a regular for Lost season 4.  Reinforcing that insinuation is the fact that one of Bell's trepidations involved a mandatory move to Hawaii.

As it turns out, the hiring of Bell for Heroes may be much ado about nothing.   Tim Kring describes her Heroes turn as being filmed within a “small window” in the actresses schedule.  Universal's  Katherine Pope admitted that getting Bell on board was no easy task. “many studios [were] chasing her in both film and TV.” Pope said.

Bell is playing the lead in the feature film Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is costarring in the upcoming Fanboys, Is doing voice over work for the Animated feature Sheepish, and has a season long obligation as the narrator for the CW's Gossip Girl.

Taking all of that into consideration, there is little question as to why Bell didn't accept the role on Lost, she didn't have time.  On the other hand, the reduced demands of her guest appearance on Heroes hardly backs the assertion that she chose one over the other.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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