Harold Perrineau Teases His 'Lost' Return
Harold Perrineau Teases His 'Lost' Return
The latest issue of TV Guide has an interview with Harold Perrineau regarding his long-awaited return to Lost.  Michael's appearance on the freighter in last week's installment was perhaps the worst kept surprise of the year, especially since Perrineau's name had been appearing in the opening credits since the season began.  Even if it wasn't a shocker, it should be interesting to see why Michael is going under an assumed name in Thursday's episode, "Meet Kevin Johnson."  The article offers some intriguing hints about what we can expect from Michael's return, and also lets us in on why it took so long for Perrineau to come back to the series.

As the title of the episode suggests, this week's Lost will show us what happened to Michael after he left the island at the end of season 2.  According to the article, the episode will be full of "darkly revelatory flashbacks" that involve Michael at home in Manhattan after escaping the island, the music of Mama Cass, and a pivotal encounter with Mr. Friendly.  Walt will appear briefly, as will four dead characters.  Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse teases, "It's safe to say Michael's return to the outside world did not work out in any way he hoped or planned."

Perrineau is currently living in Los Angeles, where his pregnant wife and small child are staying while he films the remainder of season 4.  To ensure that he doesn't miss the baby's delivery, Perrineau has a plan: "When I have downtime from the show, get on a plane.  Fly back and forth to make sure the baby hasn't come.  It's gonna be crazy."

Though the actor admits that he wasn't thrilled with the dark direction his character took at the end of season 2, he says that, "It was time to come back.  Even if Michael was going to die, I [wanted] him to finish, as opposed to just disappearing."

The initial plan was for Michael to return in the third season finale, but Perrineau decided to sign on to the CBS pilot Demons instead.  The actor says that his decision to make the pilot had nothing to do with money, but was based on the fact that he didn't want to uproot his family to Hawaii.  When Demons didn't make the CBS lineup, Perrineau was once again available, and the deal came together quickly.

Though Lost fans can't wait to meet Kevin Johnson, the most important thing for Perrineau at the moment is the upcoming birth of his second child, who is due in less than two months.  "We're gonna have a little girl," he says, "and I'm looking forward to meeting her."

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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