Getting 'Lost,' Week 5: I Tried So Hard, Shannon, But I Can't Seem To Like You
Getting 'Lost,' Week 5: I Tried So Hard, Shannon, But I Can't Seem To Like You
The "Getting Lost" series is about a Lost newbie's attempts to watch all five seasons of the show for the first time, just as the sixth (and final) one rolls along.

What I Watched on Week 5: Season 2, Episodes 4-8 ("Everybody Hates Hugo", "...And Found", "Abandoned", "The Other 48 Days" and "Collision")

For the few people who are still following my progress, I'd first like to report that I've gone down to watching five episodes this week.  It was one hell of a frantic weekend for me, not to mention most of the shows I watch have returned to air.  I'm hell bent on trying to squeeze in more episodes per week, just to get to January with Lost's fifth season covered.

That said, I'm slowly crawling through season 2--I barely squeezed in another episode before writing this--and I'm at the point where the tailies and the fronties have crossed paths quite dangerously.  Which means, yes, Ana Lucia's accidentally shot Shannon, in perhaps the cheesiest moment: the rain.

I still don't feel much for Shannon.

During my first weeks with Lost, I thought she was annoying, constantly preoccupied with getting a tan, or waiting for the rescue boats, or telling Boone around.  You told me to watch a few more episodes, promising that she'll break out of that superficiality.  Well, stuff happened.  She fell in love with Sayid, she tried to avenge Boone's death, and she started seeing Walt back in the island once the raft left, and I still can't feel her.  Thus, when Ana Lucia (can I call her just Ana?) shot her, thinking she's one of the Others, I didn't feel much.

Well, fine, I felt bad for Sayid, because he lost the love of his life, although before that I started thinking about the speed of him forgetting the actual love of his life, still marooned in Los Angeles.

But is it just me, or was Shannon just a vessel to establish most of the mysterious stuff on the island?  She made us understand Rousseau's transmission.  She helped us set up the Jack-Locke rivalry of sorts, when she attempted to kill the later after Boone's death.  She started seeing Walt, and made us wonder about what exactly the Others are doing to the kids they're taking, like those two kids from the tail section.  And that's it.  I can't exactly feel for whatever she's going through--from her dad's death to the one-night stand with Boone to the island romance--the same way I feel for Charlie's infatuation for Claire, or whatever's blooming between Kate and Sawyer, or Hurley's frustration at all the bad luck he gets.

So, Shannon, I want you to know that I tried so hard, but I just can't seem to like you.

On other matters, I'm quite happy that I understand what the tailies are all about.  So no, they're not the Others, or with them.  But that doesn't mean they're any safer, of course, partly because of that Goodwin dude, and partly because Ana Lucia is a tough-ass trigger-happy girl who may look hot (yes, I had this crush on Michelle Rodriguez back in college, but for these purposes it's Emilie de Ravin all the way) but is really annoying.  Or maybe I should stop making parallels between her group and the fronties--of Ana being their Jack, of Eko being their Locke, of Bernard being their Michael/Hurley hybrid, of Libby being... who does she correspond to?

And I'm quite amazed at the way they used the same footage for three-episode stretches: the fronties discovering what's inside the hatch, Jin being chased by Ana and her gang, Shannon being shot dead.  It makes it so much cool.  I guess I just have the thing for recycled footage done differently, which is probably why I liked the film Run, Lola, Run.  But I digress.

Now that's done, I return to watching the rest of the episodes.  Long task ahead--and we're still not in the headache-inducing stuff.  I can still follow, or so I'd like to think.

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- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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