Getting 'Lost,' Week 3: The Week I Felt Like Locke
Getting 'Lost,' Week 3: The Week I Felt Like Locke
The "Getting Lost" series is about a Lost newbie's attempts to watch all five seasons of the show for the first time, just as the sixth (and final) one rolls along.

What I Watched on Week 3: Season 1, Episodes 13-19 ("Hearts and Minds", "Special", "Homecoming", "Outlaws", "...In Translation", "Numbers", "Deus Ex Machina")

After writing the last installment of this series--remember, I was getting frustrated at the time--I sat down and watched two more episodes.  Good ones, I must say.  Claire finally returned, albeit with unnecessary amnesia, and Locke just proceeded to become, uhh, more odd with that paste on Boone's head.

And then, I thought, did I just miss something?

Because, yes, I remember Locke saying somewhere in the first episodes that he has seen what the island is made of, and since then, he's been talking about destiny and all that stuff more than I thought he'd be.  That idea just got confirmed when I finally watched "Numbers"--yes, Hurley's flashback is funny in a way that makes me guilty--and then I started wondering: were these castaways somehow destined to find themselves lost in the middle of nowhere and do something great?

Surely you have the answers to this, but let me float this anyway.  I'm starting to think that the island is enhancing people in a way.  Locke can walk.  Charlie got over his heroin addiction.  Hurley finally stood up, just when I thought he'd forever be some sort of comic relief.  Michael and Walt are getting closer (and I liked that episode, really).

Then again, it could be because they're just settling down to the possibility of living in the island longer than they expected, that they're making the most of what they have, and doing stuff they never really did before.  I mean, I'm not exactly convinced with my ideas, the ones that border on Locke's spiritual whatnot--never mind the numbers, or Walt's special something.  There must be something else.

At last, I thought, something is happening.  I think if I watched Lost when it originally aired, I'd be bored and think it's nothing special.  "Just castaways in a weird island," I'd probably say, before wondering why the interesting stuff is taking long to kick in.  You know, like Locke moaning about the island not giving him what he wants.  I should remember that, in general, television shows keep the good (or confusing, or both) stuff nearer towards the end.

Then again, I'm trying my best to keep note of the details that I think would make sense in the future, if I catch them at all.  Do I need to keep a pen and notebook beside me while watching this?  During Jin's flashback I found myself drawing a literal line on a sheet of paper, between what was shown then and what was shown before, with Sun's flashback.  Hello again, semantic webs, the same things I learned back in college.  I might scribble down, say, Hurley appearing on a television in Korea, and connect it to the lottery numbers.  Or Sawyer getting arrested in Sydney.  Or Locke's stupid "dad".  (I insist on the air quotes.)  Surely they should make sense soon.  Fortunately I'm almost getting the hang of this.

And then there's me pointing out those little flashes of humor.  Am I the only one who chuckled at the idea of Sawyer's eyeglasses being half-pink?  Or that Boone and Locke found bags of heroin inside that plane?  (And is it just me, or did I see that episode before?  I did say I saw a couple of episodes of Lost before, and I think one involved those figurines with drugs inside.  But Boone wasn't there.  I think.)

I think I might have to watch "Walkabout" again, or maybe more episodes.  I just hope I have the time--all the shows I watch are returning within the week, and I will definitely have less time for this.  Please, cosmic forces, help me finish this by January, or at the very least, get this right...

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- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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