Evangeline Lilly Hints at More LOST Love Triangles
Evangeline Lilly Hints at More LOST Love Triangles
Evangeline Lilly, who plays ‘Kate’ on ABC’s hit show LOST, is dashing the hopes of fans of her on-screen romance with LOST bad-boy Sawyer. Among some LOST fans, there is a dividing line. On one side, the Kate and Jack contingent swoons for a hook-up. On the other, Kate and Sawyer are the fabric of romantic perfection. It’s a phenomenon called ‘shipping (for worshipping) and it even has a signature trademark, forming contractions of the would-be-lovers names, in this case Jaters (for Jack and Kate ‘shippers) and Skaters (you guessed it, Sawyer and Kate.) Whether you dig this trend, or not, the promise of Kate finally making her ‘choice’ was one of the overarching themes of LOST’s more ratings-successful first episodes of Season Three… and according to Ms. Lilly, the choice may not be final.

Lilly hinted to abcnews.com that Kate’s infamous ‘choice’ may not have been the last word on the love triangle, an indication that perhaps LOST producers are going to revisit the romantic quandary sooner than later.

"I don't think she's made a decision, because in the real world, even when you get married, things can go off track. Kate hasn't forgotten about Jack at all," she said. "On the first day off the Alcatraz island, they start fighting because she wants to go back and get Jack."

Lilly’s comments come at a very opportune time as Kate intends to go after Jack in the upcoming episode of LOST ‘Tricia Tanaka is Dead’, without Sawyer. Sawyer is, naturally, not in any rush to draw his romantic rival back into the fray, (until he gets an ingrown toe-nail, or similar malady, I bet.) Meanwhile, as we saw in LOST ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ the good Doc Jack has apparently found himself a new love connection in the form of the stunning Juliet. Will Jack and Kate hookup? Is it Juliack or Jacket? Does anybody care? Stay tuned to LOST to find out.

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- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer