Buy Your Way Onto the LOST Set!
Buy Your Way Onto the LOST Set!
Having daydreams of strolling the Hawaiian beaches with (insert your favorite LOST star here) at your side?  Does the idea of touching the fuselage give you goose bumps?  Right now, Hollywood Charity Auctions is making that all possible by offering a complete LOST set tour to the highest bidder, with all of the proceeds to go to charity.  For more information, read on.
Place the winning bid and all of this is yours:

  • You and one (1) guest will visit the set of LOST in Honolulu, HAWAII!
  • Meet the available cast members, tour the set!
  • Must take set visit during the 2007/08 season
  • Transportation and Lodging responsibility of winning bidder
  • Tax deduction for every dollar over $1000 bid!

You can actually bid on the auction by visiting this link, but if BuddyTV refers the winner of the auction, there is a small stipulation: you have to take me with you!

Besides selling big ticket items like set visits, Hollywood Charity Auctions also is a great source for memorabilia from your favorite shows like signed scripts, photos, etc., and don't forget it all goes to a good cause!

There is no mention of whether the set visit is restricted to certain shooting locations.  If anything, the description seems to be liberal to the winner.  If I were to win, I would save it up for the finale shoot; that is just my spoiler hound ways.

At any rate, there you have it.  If you held onto some money from tax time, want to go hang with Jorge, drink a beer with Josh, and constantly keep an eye out for that sneaky Michael Emerson character, here is your chance.

Don’t forget to bring a case of mason jars so you can have a little auction of your own when you get home.  Sand from the LOST beach seems to fetch a hefty price on Ebay.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image from ABC)