ABC Leaves LOST Without a Timeslot
ABC Leaves LOST Without a Timeslot
ABC announced its fall schedule to day and LOST fans hoping for word of a time-slot change were left out in the cold.  Since LOST will be returning midseason, a new show, “Dirty Sexy Money” has been scheduled in its Wednesday, 10pm est slot.   Currently the Monday through Friday line-up for ABC is full.   New shows will fail, all is always the case, leaving plenty of openings for LOST, but does this mean that a solid plan for LOST doesn’t exist? 

The mid season shift of LOST from 9:00pm to 10pm caused mucho controversy amongst LOST fans and shaved a few million viewers from the shows fan base.  While network spin has found a million and one ways to paint this all in a positive light, the bottom line is that many of the fans who moved along with the time change weren’t happy either.  It was a move almost universally loathed.

On one side of the coin was the family viewing experience.  LOST began as an 8:00pm Est show and was endorsed as quality family viewing by many parenting groups.   In its second season, and ultimately third season, it become more sexually charged and colored with graphic violence more appropriate to the racier competition of its later and later time slot.

Intellectually, the show is one that a lot of people liked to have some time to unwind from.  LOST has a long history of sparking conversation almost immediately, sending viewers onto message boards, chat rooms, or even good old fashioned living rooms to discuss the implications of Easter eggs and the shows trademark twists.

The lack of an announcement, which was expected to come with ABC’s upfronts today, has galvanized conspiracy theorists who think that ABC is just anxious to get LOST behind them, particularly after signing on to a deal to end the series after three abbreviated seasons.  Until ABC makes their announcement, though, LOST fans have one more mystery to ponder.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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