Season 3 of 'Little People, Big World' Off to a Good Start
Season 3 of 'Little People, Big World' Off to a Good Start
The third season premiere of the TLC reality series Little People, Big World earned impressive ratings for the cable network last Monday, with the 2-part opener averaging 3.06 million viewers in its 8-9pm timeslot.

The first episode earned 2.65 million viewers, 35 percent higher than viewership numbers for last season's premiere, and an average of 1.33 million adults 25-54, which is an increase of 48 percent.  The following episode performed even better, gaining 3.46 million viewers and 1.77 million adults 25-54, according to Nielsen Media Research data.

The hour-long, two-part premiere revolved around family patriarch Matt Roloff's recent trial for drunk driving.  Roloff, a 46-year-old businessman who suffers from a type of dwarfism, was arrested last June in Washington, Oregon for driving under the influence of intoxicants, and the following month, pleaded not guilty.  Washington County Circuit Judge Donald R. Letourneau found Roloff not guilty last month, but because the Little People, Big World star refused to submit to Breathalyzer at the time of his arrest, his driver's license has been suspended for three years, in accordance with Oregon's implied-consent law.

Matt Roloff's trial was featured in the second of Little People, Big World's premiere, as well as on the episode aired last night.  The show's second episode included footage of the prosecution presenting its case and the arresting officer testifying against Roloff.  The officer was also shown being crossed-examined by the defense.

Last night's episode featured the trial's conclusion.  Roloff was seen taking the stand and receiving an acquittal.

As it stands now, there are still 17 episodes left to air for Little People, Big World's third season.  Fans of the show can look forward to seeing Matt Roloff and wife Amy celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary and their cruise during the start of their farm's critical pumpkin season.  The couple's children will also be in the spotlight, with Zach introducing his new average-height girlfriend.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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