'Life Unexpected' Series Finale Preview: All the Secrets Come Out
'Life Unexpected' Series Finale Preview: All the Secrets Come Out
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
When Life Unexpected returns for a special two-hour event on January 18, it won't just be a season finale, it will be a series finale. While the CW is billing it as just the end of season 2, the truth is that Life Unexpected will come to an end in the new year.

Life Unexpected is available on Amazon Prime.

The network might not like to promote it, but the studio behind the show, Warner Brothers, has announced that it will release a special six-disc DVD set called Life Unexpected: The Complete Series on April 5. Luckily the writers were given some notice, so fans shouldn't be left with a cliffhanger or any open questions.

So what can fans expect for the Life Unexpected series finale? The video preview for the two-hour conclusion promises that the remaining secrets will finally be exposed.

Lux will finally reveal her secret relationship with her teacher, Mr. Daniels, which will almost certainly end badly since he could get fired and/or go to jail for dating a minor and a student.

We'll also see Lux expose Emma's secret about her affair with Baze's dad. However, I'm not convinced we have the whole truth about that relationship. My theory is that Baze's dad is also the father of Emma's son, Sam, which, technically, would make Sam Lux's half-uncle. Sure, we've heard conflicting stories about Sam's dad, but it would definitely help to explain why Baze's dad is so strongly against his son's relationship.

If that's not enough reason to watch, the finale also features BuddyTV's eighth sexiest man of 2010, Kristoffer Polaha, in bed.

So be sure to make a New Year's resolution to watch the two-hour Life Unexpected series finale Tuesday, January 18 at 8pm on the CW.

(Image and video courtesy of the CW)

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