Will 'Life is Wild' Be Gone for Good?
Will 'Life is Wild' Be Gone for Good?
With the perpetuation of the current writers' guild walkout, The CW's foray into a jungle-set series appears to be nearing its end.  The network ordered an initial 13 scripts for Life is Wild before the strike commenced in November.  Only 12 of them were actually shot and filmed.  To date, there remains no word whether the freshman series will be picked up for another season.

With his show's seemingly imminent demise into oblivion, Life is Wild star D.W. Moffett can at least be grateful that he has a couple of films set for release this year.

As we slowly get back into the swing of things after the holidays, there remains only three more original Life is Wild episodes to be aired.  The final installments for this, its 12-episode maiden season, are scheduled for broadcast tonight, January 14 and 21.

In tonight's offering entitled “Rescue Me,” Katie and Jesse take a trip with their classmates into the African bush.  Jesse shuns the group's activities while Katie and Tumelo find themselves lost inside a cave.  Elsewhere, one of Jo's New York friends pays a visit and gives Jo a piece of her mind regarding the move to Africa.

As Life is Wild's first season winds down to its final episodes, it remains uncertain whether its 13th and final script for this year will still manage to be shot, and whether the series will return for a second year.  Fans of actor D.W. Moffett can find solace in his two upcoming movies for this year.

Moffett, who stars as Danny Clarke on Life is Wild, appears in bgFATLdy and Visioneers, which are both set to hit theaters this year.

Moffett stars as Jack Wagner in bgFATLdy, which follows the story of a small town sheriff investigating a murder at the local diner.  The film is scheduled to open on June 15.  Meanwhile, Visioneers is set in the near future, where everyone works for just one company and people start literally exploding from stress and unhappiness.  The movie is still awaiting its 2008 playdate.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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