'Good Christian Belles' Season 1 Preview Guide: What Mean Girls Are Made Of
'Good Christian Belles' Season 1 Preview Guide: What Mean Girls Are Made Of
Have you ever wondered how mean girls turn out after high school? Find out with ABC's upcoming dramedy, GCB, which stands for Good Christian Belles, which was formerly Good Christian Bitches until it sparked controversy and was changed by the network. 

Let's say that's because the show's main character does change, shedding her former image to become this responsible woman adjusting to the real world. But you know what they say: the real world is a lot like high school anyway.

What to Expect on GCB Season 1:

Based on Kim Gatlin's book, the series follows Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb), a former mean girl who left her hometown to pursue her dreams. She's been pretty successful, until her marriage falls apart and she's forced to head back home. 

At the start of Good Christian Belles season 1, she'll have to face up to the sins she's committed in the past. Not to mention face up to all her old enemies. 

From gossiping behind her classmates' backs to stealing their men, Amanda's done a lot to cause loathing among her peers. Will it still be the same 20 years later? She may be welcomed with open arms at first, but that doesn't mean her stay will get any easier. 

Joining Leslie Bibb on Good Christian Belles is Kristin Chenoweth. The Pushing Daisies actress will be portraying Carlene Cockburn, one of the ladies who might just be hiding her own mean girl persona beneath that saintly exterior.

Other ladies starring on the show are '80s starlet Annie Potts, Jennifer Aspen from Party of Five and Glee, Damages star Miriam Shor, and 24's Marisol Nichols. As for the men, we'll get to see Jericho actor Brad Beyer, The Ex List's Mark Deklin, and David James Elliot of JAG fame.

Below, you can catch a preview of Good Christian Belles season 1. This time, Amanda's no longer the town's resident mean girl. Seems like she left quite a legacy and turned everyone else into one, church and choir duties aside.

Catch GCB season 1 as it premieres next year as part of ABC's midseason lineup. 

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