Will Amaya Return to the Past in 'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 3?
Will Amaya Return to the Past in 'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 3?
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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Time travel can certainly make things complicated for the Waverider residents on Legends of Tomorrow. Amaya knows she has to go to the past to live out her future, but that doesn't mean she can't have a little fun in the meantime right?

At the end of season 2, Amaya made the decision not to return to her timeline yet and to remain on the Waverider with the rest of the misfits. But will time finally catch up with her in season 3? 

We asked actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers if Amaya's future involves traveling back to her past when we caught up with her at San Diego Comic Con. 

"She needs to decide what she's going to do," Richardson-Sellers said. "Is she going to go home? And what are going to be the consequences of her actions?"

Showrunner Phil Klemmer also hinted that there might be more to Amaya's destiny than we previously knew, including perhaps a surprising dark side. 

"Amaya thought she had this destiny to fulfill. This season she'll learn that her destiny wasn't just that she'll have a granddaughter that will become Vixen. It's always mixed," Klemmer said. "There will also be a line of evil through her family."

Another aspect complicating her decision is her romance with fellow crew member Nate. The two hooked up "casually" in the last season until Nate fell for Amaya, hard. So is their love doomed or will they figure out a way to be together? 

"They know there's a time limit now, that she has to go back in order for Mari to be born, but that doesn't mean they can't have some fun in the meantime. So I'm hoping that we still see some playfulness," Richardson-Sellers said. "But also unrequited love is kind of hot, so we'll see."

Of course if you're a Nate and Amaya fan have no fear, because it sounds like their relationship will be featured prominently in the upcoming season. While actor Nick Zano was tight-lipped about what we could expect from them, he did reveal that they had "shot a lot of Nate and Amaya stuff." 

Deciding on her destiny and juggling her relationship with Nate won't be the only things on Amaya's mind in Legends of Tomorrow's third season. Amaya will also be coming into her own with some new powers that throw her off her game. 

"She also starts discovering new powers different than what she has and it's not necessarily the best," Richardson-Sellers said. "It's an intense power and it's how she reacts to that. There's some consequences." 

Richardson-Sellers was excited to see Amaya exploring a darker side to her character. She thought seeing these new shades to Amaya make her character more interesting and more relatable. She teases that we'll see new dimensions to Amaya in the upcoming season's second episode.

"I think we're going to see some new sides to her and a more vulnerable side to her which I really enjoy playing," Richardson-Sellers said.

Watch the full interview with Maisie Richardson-Sellers below: 

Plus check out what Nick Zano has to say about Nate and the future of his relationship with Amaya: 

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