Why 'Legends of Tomorrow' Should Be Excluded from Future DCTV Crossovers
Why 'Legends of Tomorrow' Should Be Excluded from Future DCTV Crossovers
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
As we've seen over the past few years, The CW is making crossovers between DCTV shows Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow a regular thing, but the writers and producers are still struggling to find a balance to include members from every show. Unfortunately, Legends of Tomorrow was once again dramatically excluded from this crossover, with half of the team sitting out until the final battle. Wouldn't it be easier if the whole team sat out?

Sara Lance

Sara is really the only one who ever has anything to do during these crossover events. Since she was on Arrow first, and her sister was part of Team Arrow, she has more of a connection to the other heroes than the rest of her team does. During the last crossover, Sara was even heavily featured during the Arrow hour, which saw her and Oliver put into an alternate reality by the Dominators for the series' 100th episode.

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And, just like that, this year's crossover had her interacting with Alex Danvers from Supergirl, being stranded on Earth-X with the others and taking up a lead role in the fight against the Nazis. She's being portrayed as the main hero of Legends of Tomorrow, and it shows. Most of her superhero scenes were with Oliver, Barry and/or Kara as they attempted to figure out how to get out of this mess. For the next crossover, Legends of Tomorrow could be excluded and they could still take Sara for the crossover, leaving the team to fight whatever comes next on the Waverider without her, like they did when she was in a coma.

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Too Many Heroes

The idea of the crossovers is to interconnect every hero from the DCTV universe and create an event that everyone will want to tune in to, but the writers continuously fail at this. This crossover, aside from Sara, Jax and Stein (who only received focus for Stein's impending death), and Mick (for the arrival of Citizen Steel), the rest of the Legends got no screen time until the Legends time slot, but even then, most of the time was dedicated to the big fight with all the heroes, and Barry and Iris' wedding.

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The crossovers suffer from too many heroes and not enough to do. Many people watch only to see Kara, Barry, Sara and Oliver taking on the bad guys, while the other heroes can't do anything because they aren't as powerful. If it's going to be all about the main stars of the DCTV universe, with their "sidekicks" strewn about, the most logical solution would be to take Sara away for an episode, so those who actually enjoy watching all of the Legends work are still able to do so.

What do you think? Should Legends of Tomorrow be excluded from the crossover events? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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