'Legends of Tomorrow' Winter Finale Recap: Which Legend Leaves the Team and Returns to Present Day?
'Legends of Tomorrow' Winter Finale Recap: Which Legend Leaves the Team and Returns to Present Day?
Randa Kriss
Randa Kriss
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In this episode of Legends of Tomorrow season 3, titled "Beebo the God of War," the Legends find themselves facing a level 12 anachronism in 1000 AD. The anachronism, it turns out, is caused by a young Martin Stein. The team heads to 1000 AD to try and save North America as we know it while still dealing with their grief over losing their Professor Stein. If that weren't enough trouble, things get even more difficult for the Legends when Damien Darhk, Eleanor and Mallus get involved. In the winter finale, the team must lock away their feelings, band together and secure the timeline.

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A Familiar Face

Central City: 1992. On the fifth night of Hanukkah, a young Martin Stein is waiting in line at a toy store to buy a Beebo toy for Lily. When Martin and the crowd find out the store has run out of Beebos, things start to get hectic. A man spots a last Beebo up on a shelf, and the crowd goes crazy trying to get it. Marty, meanwhile, takes a toy bow and arrow, shoots at a toy airplane that knocks into a sign, which knocks the Beebo off the shelf and into his arms. The crowd chases him through the store, but he disappears, ending up in a forest and being chased by barbarians.

On the Wave Rider, Amaya meets Leo in Rip's office. Leo wants to help the Legends work through their grief over losing Professor Stein ... by talking to a Stein puppet. Some members of the team are more open to this idea than others. As for Jax, Leo doesn't even bother with the puppet. Jax says he regrets giving Stein the Firestorm cure, but he won't talk more about it. As he goes to leave, the ship shakes and Nate announces that an anachronism has caused a timequake. In order to deal with the anachronism, Sara wants the team to box up their feelings.

The anachronism, the Legends learn, is in 1000 AD and has caused Leif Erikson and his Vikings to set up a colony in the New World. In this historical timeline, the Vikings conquer all of North America. Leo tells Mick he has a drinking problem and warns Sara that the Legends aren't ready for the field. The team proceeds anyway.

In 1000 AD North America, Leif Erikson and his sister are talking as Jax and Nate watch, hiding nearby. From the Eriksons' conversation, Nate thinks that the Vikings have hailed the anachronism as a god. Sara and Mick spot young Stein trapped in a net; Nate thinks that the Vikings must have taken Stein's genius as god-like. Jax goes running to save young Stein, despite Sara's orders, and cuts him down. Stein wants to go back for the toy, saying it will change history. The Legends refuse to go back, and they leave. Once they're gone, the Vikings bring out their god to worship. It is the toy, Beebo.

Retrieving Beebo

Back on the ship, Stein tells the team about the Vikings thinking Beebo is a god. He says Leif Erikson's sister is twisting Beebo's words for her own gain. Leaving the medical bay, Stein runs into Amaya, Nate, Mick and Ray, and asks where his older self is. The team members lie, saying he's spending the holidays with family. Mick spits out his beer, saying something is wrong with it.

Jax talks to Nate in the library, saying that Sara thinks he can't be trusted with young Stein. Jax wants to tell Marty and warn him about his future. Ray and Amaya try to convince him that this is a bad idea. In the kitchen, Mick is throwing beers from the fridge, saying they all taste disgusting. Leo comes in, revealing that he has changed the Wave Rider to a dry ship. He challenges Mick to go 48 hours without drinking.

On the bridge, the team learns of a Yule Feast to be held that night by the Vikings. As they decide on a plan, Gideon receives an incoming message from Agent Sharp. Sharp talks to Sara, expressing her condolences about the loss of Professor Stein. She warns the Legends about getting involved in a level 12 anachronism and uses the phrase "Beebo day." Sara, realizing how far-reaching the anachronism's effect has become, asks Agent Sharp for her help.

The Legends go to Erikson's feast. Mick finds Beebo and is attacked by Leif's sister when she thinks he's stealing booze from Beebo. Sara and Sharp, meanwhile, are trying peacefully to get the Vikings to take them to Beebo. Then the Vikings come out with Mick, and Leif's sister says Beebo will give judgment on him. Beebo says he's hungry, and the sister says he demands judgment; the Vikings carry Mick off to the pyre.

As they go to throw Mick on the flames, Sara instructs Leo to use his cold gun to put them out. The Vikings are fascinated by the cold gun, but the distraction is wasted when Beebo talks as Amaya, and Nate try to sneak away with him. A fight breaks out between the Legends and the Vikings. Back on the ship, Zari and Jax play video games. Jax talks about wanting to tell Stein his future, and Zari says she would have warned her brother if she could. Zari suggests that Jax find a loophole like she did with Helen of Troy. As they're talking, young Stein comes in, asking if someone can bring him home, and Jax volunteers.

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Damien Darhk Returns

The rest of the team, meanwhile, are still fighting the Vikings. Nate tries to pass off Beebo to Ray, but Ray is intercepted and Mick lights Beebo on fire. Seeing Beebo burn, Leif Erikson realizes that Beebo was a false god and says they should go home and abandon their colony. Sharp says thank goodness they saved "Odin day," and once again Sara realizes that the anachronism has not been fixed. Right on time, "Odin" arrives to speak to the Vikings. It's none other than Damien Darhk and his daughter, dressed up as Norse gods.

Realizing that they're outnumbered, the Legends return to the temporal zone. Unfortunately, Gideon informs them that the anachronism has gotten worse. The ship experiences two timequakes, and Sara asks Agent Sharp to get the Time Bureau back up. Jax returns young Stein to Central City, 1992. Jax wants to give Stein a letter for him to open on November 28, 2017, but Stein refuses to take it. Jax insists, and after much reluctance, Stein eventually agrees to take the letter.

On the Wave Rider, Mick is looking for booze. Leo talks to Mick about losing his friend and Mick's doppelganger. The two argue about how their friend was not like the person that stands before them now. Agent Sharp finishes talking to the Time Bureau director. He won't help them, she tells Sara, and with Rip in jail the Time Bureau is a mess. Without Rip, Damien Darhk has gained more allies and they can't afford to lose any more agents. She says the Legends can't win and suggests they leave Finland before returning to the Time Bureau.

Sara gathers the team and informs them that back-up is not coming. She says she can't lose anyone else after losing Stein. She says that she has a plan to fight the Darhks, but she wants the team to take the Wave Rider and leave her. Back in 1000 AD, Sara shows up to make Darhk an offer. As she meets with him, she tries to attack and he snaps her neck. We find out that this is Sara's imagined plan; the team unanimously decide her plan sucks and that she needs a better one.

In a second plan sequence, Zari and Nate sneak in and accompany Sara to her meeting with Darhk. They all attack and manage to shoot Darhk with an arrow. The problem, however, is that Eleanor is outside rousing the Vikings. The team insists that Sara needs back-up; they do the mission together or not at all. Sara instructs Gideon to plot a course to Finland.

"I am Mallus."

In Finland, we see the second plan sequence play out, but this time Darhk catches Sara's arrow. Ray shows up inside a Beebo to try and convince the Vikings that he has risen from the dead while instructing them to return to Finland. Leo and Mick combine their guns to fight off Eleanor, eventually knocking her out. After this, the Vikings attack the Legends and fighting breaks out. Darhk, realizing his daughter has fallen, intervenes with his lightning stick. He tries to take Eleanor away, but Sara grabs on to him and ends up in a strange, desolate place. When she asks, "What is this place?" a voice answers, "I am Mallus." Malls says he will soon be free and that the world will know pain. Suddenly, Agent Sharp pulls out Sara. She says it's a Christmas miracle and the team knows that everything has been righted.

On the Wave Rider, Gideon confirms that everything is all right with Sara. Sara tells Sharp that when she was in the other dimension, she felt an absence of feeling, a void that was only filled by Mallus. Sharp says she needs to inform the Time Bureau about what has happened. Gideon informs them that the timeline has been restored.

Jax, meanwhile, finds out that despite his efforts, Professor Stein still dies in 2017. Confused, he returns to Central City 1992 with a Beebo gift for Lily. He asks Stein what happened, and Stein says he burned the letter. He tells Jax that he needs to let him go and live his life. Jax returns to the Wave Rider and talks to Sara. He tells her that he can't move onto the ship; he has to leave. As he exits, he asks her to wait to tell the team until he's gone.

Refusing to abide by his wish, Sara and the team throw Jax a surprise Christmas and farewell party. At the party, Leo apologies for trying to change Mick. Jax toasts the team, who will always be his family. Sara then drops Jax off in Central City. When she returns to the ship, she finds Constantine (who helped Oliver Queen and Laurel save her soul) stowed away on board. He asks for her help with a demon that is possessing a little girl -- a demon, he says, who knows Sara's name.

What did you think of the winter finale? Was this sufficient closure to losing Professor Stein? What is going on with the Darhks and Mallus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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