'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 3 Spoilers: Captain Cold and Damien Darhk Return, Rip Has Another Secret and More
'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 3 Spoilers: Captain Cold and Damien Darhk Return, Rip Has Another Secret and More
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The Legends of Tomorrow will have a lot of clean-up to do in season 3. After the events of season 2 finale which broke time itself, the time-traveling heroes will have to pick themselves up and start attempting to put the timeline together. At least that's what the cast and crew said at San Diego Comic Con during their panel. Whether it is because of these time-breaking events, or something else entirely, Legends of Tomorrow will see a couple surprising returns and mysterious new group of villains in the upcoming season 3.

The quartet of villains who terrorized the group in season 2, The Legion of Doom is a large part of why Legends of Tomorrow was received so well in its second year. It is no surprise then then that in season 3, two of the four member of the group will make their reappearance. After the trailer which opened the panel, embedded below, the show confirmed that Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold and Neal McDonough's Damien Darhk will be back. 

Miller and McDonough will both be series regulars for season 3 but their characters won't be exactly as people remember them. The Darhk of season 3 will less "silly" than the version from season 2. As for Cold, Dominic Purcell who plays Mick Rory, cautioned that the Snart of season 3 won't be exactly be the same friend that Mick lost in season 1 (and to a lesser extent season 2).

While Miller and McDonough will stay on the show as series regulars, Arthur Darvill won't be quite as prominent. The actor who played Rip Hunter, the team's original leader, will still appear in season 3. Darvill will just be a recurring role rather than a series regular one, which is not that surprising since Rip did give up his spot on the team in the season 2 finale. Rip will still play a big part in the season as he is mentioned to have some big secret that he is hiding in the trailer. 

To revisit Snart and Darhk though, they won't be the only villains of the season, assuming Cold even is a villain which is unclear. Season 3 will also introduce the character Kuasa. Kuasa is a Vixen villain and has appeared, albeit in cartoon form, on The CW Seed's animated series about Mari McCabe. 

As was previously reported the series' first Muslim character will be joining the team. Zari, who is played by Tala Ashe, is a hacker from the future. She is "wry" and "combative." She will butt heads frequently with Ray Palmer. 

Other Panel Highlights:

- Caity Lotz talked about Sara's bisexuality saying she doesn't need to be with a man to confirm her identity, Sara is "true to herself"
- There have been talks to have Constantine (from Arrow) join the show but nothing has been worked out yet
- Ray's brother Sidney might make an appearance in season 3
- Amaya will be struggling with her decision to not return to the past in season 2 finale 
- Gideon will reappear again in her human form 

Legends of Tomorrow season 3 will premiere Tuesday, October 10 at 9/8c on The CW. Want more news? Like our Legends of Tomorrow Facebook page.

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