'Arrow' Fan Favorite Felicity Smoak to Finally Get a Superhero Suit on 'Legends of Tomorrow'
'Arrow' Fan Favorite Felicity Smoak to Finally Get a Superhero Suit on 'Legends of Tomorrow'
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Last year on Arrow, Felicity Smoak got her superhero code name, Overwatch. This year she is going to get a costume. It's just not going to happen on Arrow. Emily Bett Rickards is headed back to Legends of Tomorrow once more and she looks like she is going to play a very different Felicity. Arrow's co-showrunner and Legends of Tomorrow executive producer, Marc Guggenheim, released concept art of Rikards' upcoming appearance on the penultimate episode of Legends of Tomorrow season 2. The images teases a very cool and more action-figure-esque Felicity Smoak than you might be expecting. 

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Deadline reported at PaleyFest 2017 that Guggenheim teased that in episode 16 of Legends of Tomorrow season 2 there would be a "surprise cameo." "I will call it a surprise crossover," Marc Guggenheim said. "No one knows this because we've kept it under wraps, but there's a surprise cameo, surprise crossover moment in the penultimate episode of Legends."

Now thanks to Guggenheim himself it appears the cat is out of the bag. Felicity is the surprise cameo and according to this concept art (embedded below) it will be a radically different looking Felicity. This isn't a sign that Felicity is going to get her own hooded superhero outfit on Arrow, however. There is a very specific reason that Legends of Tomorrow will have a new Felicity Smoak. 

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In the Legends episode "Fellowship of the Spear" the main bad guys at the heart of Legends of Tomorrow season rewrote reality and episode 16, "Doomworld," looks to explore that alternate dimension. It seems like this Felicity and her mask will be very much a part of this new reality. It is unclear if this elseworld Felicity will be one of the good guys still or possibly working for a member of the Legion of Doom. My money is on the latter. 

But what do you think of Overwatch's new look? Is she still a hero or is she now a villain? Should this costume make its way to Arrow? Are you disappointed this surprise was spoiled? Could there be another even more secret cameo?

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