'CSI' Roundup: Laurence Fishburne's Lighthearted Side Comes to the Stage
'CSI' Roundup: Laurence Fishburne's Lighthearted Side Comes to the Stage
We've got two things to talk about on the CSI world tonight. One's on departing CSI: NY producer Peter Lenkov, talking about his plans on the upcoming reboot of Hawaii Five-O.

But first, we've got CSI's Laurence Fishburne, who talked about his one-man theater show Thurgood, which kicks off in Washington D.C. tomorrow. It's a role he's done before -- he performed the show on Broadway two years back -- but he tells The Washington Post that doing it in the nation's capital gives it a completely different vibe.

"To get to play in the Eisenhower by myself -- playing Thurgood Marshall? What? What? It's bigger than Broadway for me," he said.

Fishburne also thinks him playing the first African-American to serve on the Supreme Court brings out a different side in him. "I'm always wearing the tragic mask, and Thurgood had this incredible sense of humor," he said. "He was a terrific raconteur, a champion storyteller. People don't know how funny I can be, and I get to make people laugh all through the show."

And he thinks this sort of thing will define him more than that other film he's best known for, The Matrix. "I mean, can I be 70 years old and thinking about kung fu kicks? Come on!" he said.

Now, to Peter Lenkov, who left CSI: NY to work on the Hawaii Five-O remake, which is due in the fall. He tells The Suburban that he took on the project because of its connections to his father: "It was my dad's favorite show. That's primarily why I took the gig," he said.

The one thing he promises to keep in the reboot, which features Alex O'Laughlin, Daniel Dae Kim and Scott Caan: the infamous "book 'em, Danno" line. But of course -- it was his dad's favorite show!

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