'Alphas' at Comic Con: Summer Glau, Sean Astin Join the Team
'Alphas' at Comic Con: Summer Glau, Sean Astin Join the Team
Season 2 of Alphas sees the team in disarray. New characters are also added to the mix just in case we thought things might get too easy.

Who's Here:
Bruce Miller (Executive Producer)
Laura Mennell (Nina)
David Strathairn (Dr. Rosen)
Malik Yoba (Bill)
Azita Ghanizada (Rachel)
Summer Glau (Skylar)
Sean Astin (Mitchell)
Erin Way (Kat)

By the Book

As Comic Con panels go, this one was truly subdued. Usually stars (and even writers and producers) look at these panels as an opportunity to goof around and relate to fans in a way they don't usually get to do. It's not unusual to completely forget to speak to the content of the show because the participants are having so much fun joking with each other and showing off. But the Alphas crew seemed to stay focused on the content of the show and not much else.

What's Next

When discussing season 2, the panel gives us some real insight into what we can expect:

- Season 2 starts 8 months after the season 1 finale.

- Dr. Rosen is in a mental institution after spilling the beans about the Alphas.

- Nina will be on a path to redemption.

- Hicks and Nina are done and it is ugly.

- Sean Astin will join the cast as Alpha Mitchell who can access the memories of other people but can't remember what he needs to in moments of crises. He's basically a hard drive in human form.

Real Life Alphas

When the cast is asked what Alpha power they'd like to have, their answers are not the lighthearted fare you would expect to hear at Comic Con:

- Azita would produce clean drinking water for the world with her fingertips.

- Malik would be able to speak any language.

- Sean would produce cups for Azita's water.

- Erin would produce bread to feed the people who have Azita's water.

This was an informative, although sterile panel overall. If you wanted information on the show, your curiosity was abated. If you wanted to be entertained, you should have stayed for the Being Human panel that followed.

Crystal Waters
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of SyFy)

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