Scott Speedman and Daisy Betts Talk About 'Last Resort'
Scott Speedman and Daisy Betts Talk About 'Last Resort'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Tired of the dominance of procedurals, comedies and reality shows on network television? ABC is trying something new this fall with the premiere of Last Resort. I'd classify it as a thriller. 

The pilot episode, "Captain," includes multiple missile attacks that would be devasting if they hit their target. Not only is it full of intrigue, but the characters and their relationships pull you in.

Scott Speedman plays XO Sam Kendal on the USS Colorado. You probably know him best as Ben Covington from Felicity. Or, perhaps as the former boyfriend in the non-romantic romance The Vow from this past February.

Whether you were on Team Noel or Team Ben before shipping was called that, you are sure to be on Team Sam Kendal when you watch Last Resort. He's an honorable man, who has left his wife behind to serve his country on a nuclear submarine when it all goes wrong.

As Scott Speedman says in the video, "We questioned an order ... and then we were fired upon." And, then,"What has happened at the highest levels of the government for this to happen?" 

Daisy Betts plays Lt. Grace Shepard. I loved her as Janet Cooper on the summer series, Persons Unknown. More recently, she was seen on Harry's Law. Right off, we learn that life as a female on the submarine isn't easy for Grace, but she doesn't back down. She is a strong and confident woman.
Last Resort is much more than a military or political intrigue. Daisy Betts believes, "... Last Resort is perfect for both men and women. It's got politics ... relationships, loss and longing. And, I think there'll be quite a lot of action as well."

Last Resort premieres on Thursday, September 27th at 8 pm ET, but you can watch the pilot early on Yahoo, iTunes, or Hulu.

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