'Last Resort' Interview with Andre Braugher: Nobody 'has the Complete Story'
'Last Resort' Interview with Andre Braugher: Nobody 'has the Complete Story'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Last Resort has been full of intrigue, action, and complex relationships in its first few episodes. Andre Braugher recently spoke with reporters about those topics. Here's an excerpt of the interview where Braugher discusses Chaplin's relationship with both Prosser and Kendal, the mystery behind their predicament, and the crew's ultimate goal.

How much more tense will the situation get between Chaplin and Prosser as the season goes on?

[Prosser] is a very intense guy so this is what happens I think when patriots clash, we're both very passionate about what it is that we're doing and we're both supremely concerned about the health and welfare of our crew.

I would have to say that Chaplin needs Prosser very much not only because, he exercises discipline over the crew but it's because he is a touchstone for the crew. If the Chief of the Boat thinks that it's right then the guys have a tendency to fall in line.

... But, I ask Prosser to make sure that we get home, that it is important to help me get all of these men and women back home and I think he's following through on that. We may disagree but I think we do understand that the whole point is to get back home.

What's your take on the relationship between Marcus and Sam?

When it comes to Marcus and Sam, it's a relationship of admiration, you know. It was hinted at in the pilot that I had recommended him to go to Washington, DC, to get behind a desk because I felt as though he was a superior officer and he would best serve the Navy as a commander, you know, from ashore and not as an XO.

And, part of that storyline is his unwillingness to go back to shore because he feels that he owes me something because of what happened in North Korea. But, for me that's what I do to protect my men. It has nothing to do with being repaid.

So it's a mentor relationship, it's a father/son relationship and it's a relationship with two men I think that admire each other and want the best for each other. 

Do we really know who the bad guys are?

Right now I don't think we do. ... I suspect even the Secretary of Defense does not fully wrap his head around that even he is somehow being played by someone.

Perhaps it's the president, perhaps it's some other part of our administration, perhaps it's the puppet masters, I don't know. But right now it doesn't look to me like anyone has the complete story.

Kylie doesn't have it, the Secretary of Defense doesn't have it, we don't have it. So right now it's still sort of looking into the heart of what's going on, you know. To find out number one what happened in Pakistan.

There's a lot of different things happening. We picked up the Seals, we got the bad order, we questioned the bad order, and then we were attacked. And so the question is it the prototype, is it the bad order, is it the picking up the Seals? I'm not sure. But there is something - something came together in the pilot that made them want to destroy us. And so we're trying to get to the heart of that.

On the crew's current goal

You know, survival really is the question now. There is basically a world war starting and with bombing of Pakistan and this is the most dangerous time at the beginning of the war.

And so, we're looking for a lot of different things. We're looking for breathing room, we're looking for food and water, we're looking for peace on the island, we're looking for peace on the boat, we're looking for a great patron who can protect and shield us from the United States, and we're also looking to get into the heart of this mystery so that we can clear our names and return home. I mean, we're patriots and we're designed to return home, not to be devious or traitors or pirates on the high seas.

Last Resort airs Thursdays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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