Last Comic Standing: Season 5 goes international, more changes afoot
Last Comic Standing: Season 5 goes international, more changes afoot
Season five of the stand-up comedy reality show Last Comic Standing debuts Wednesday, June 13th on NBC and fans should prepare for some big changes.  New host Bill Bellamy, who we all remember from “Booty Call” and MTV, will take the reins as Last Comic Standing goes international.  The initial tryouts for the show ventured to Montreal, Canada, London, England and Sydney, Australia. 

Comedy does have distinctive regional sensibilities, and looking across the globe for new talent should be a breath of fresh air for Last Comic Standing.  There aren't too many well-known Australian comics known here in the United States, so it'll be interesting to see what kind of talent comes from Down Under.  Will they have a style all their own?

Executive producer/creator Peter Engel summed it up:

"The international element's been interesting.  We're looking for that fresh voice.  That fresh take.  That person who has a different bend on something that we haven't heard before.  We're looking for the guy or girl that's going to make us laugh.  That's really it.”

Another change in store for Last Comic Standing is the addition of former contestants Alonzo Bodden, Ant and Kathleen Madigan as this season's talent scouts.  It should be fun to have those three cracking jokes and making the audition process a lot more entertaining than in year's past.  There's nothing better than one comic making fun of another comic after a set that just bombed.

The prize has also been increased.  Not only will the winner get a Bravo half-hour comedy special, they will receive a hefty $250,000 payday.  Not bad. 

Last Comic Standing premieres on Wednesday, June 13th at 9PM ET/PT on NBC.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer