LA Ink: Orbi's Side of the Story
LA Ink:  Orbi's Side of the Story
Ok, here it is, just because we promised we'd give you HIS side of the story.

Last week, we broke the news that LA Ink's Kat Von D is now draped on the arm of a new man, Nikki Sixx.  We also quoted the more salient points of Kat's own MySpace blog post, explaining how she and the Motley Crue bassist eventually hooked up romantically after a lengthy friendship which, according to her, was already there before she even met Alex “Orbi” Orbison.  In that same blog entry, LA Ink's boss also clarified that she and Sixx began dating AFTER she and Orbi were already history.  Well, here's how her recently replaced former beau saw how things materialized.  Read on for excerpts of his own MySpace post, from a letter he sent to his friend Sarah.

“The only way I can look at her is like kaklinski, ”the ice man” - that assassin guy that has no feelings on the bio channel… and that she is like a parrot with no brain or emotion… repeating the same thing about love to every guy she meets – ‘It's never been like this; we are soul mates; I love you more than anyone ever; this time is different' and so on.  I believed them all, hook line and sinker.”

Orbi went on to write that he couldn't believe he managed to pick her (presumably Kat) as the first person to place his faith in and give his heart to, after five years of single blessedness.

“I hadn't been in love for five years and this was the person I chose to trust!??  Hahahaha, I'm a f**king idiot,” Orbi wrote.  “Oh well.  I wasn't the first and I'm not the last.  Am I ok?  Yes I am ok but I'm [in[ pain.  But then again in six months my dog died, lost my job, grandmother died, and I fell in love with a psychopath that begged ME to ask to marry HER, then abused me and then fell in love with someone else in front of me,” he added with open candor and enough tinge of resentment.

Meanwhile, as Orbi tries to recover after the Kat Von D/Nikki Sixx hook-up, his ex has just signed on as part of a new horror flick, The Bleeding.  The upcoming film chronicles a former Army Ranger's quest to hunt down the people responsible for his parents' deaths.  During his search, the former military man inadvertently finds himself amidst a family of vampires who have made a nest of a one-time chemical weapons plants that's been converted into a nightclub.

Aside from the LA Ink star, Variety reports that The Bleeding has also recruited Vinnie Jones, Michael Matthias, Rachelle Leah, DMX, Michael Madsen, William McNamara, Pittsburgh Slim and Armand Assante.  Filming is set to commence next month in North Carolina.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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