'Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars' Week 2 Elimination: Out-of-Sync Results
'Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars' Week 2 Elimination: Out-of-Sync Results
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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It looks like we have yet another season of Dancing with the Stars gone crazy: A worthy dancer has been eliminated before lower scorers. But what else could we possibly expect from Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars?

When every celebrity got there because of popularity, we have to expect surprise eliminations. Unfortunately for Joey Fatone, week 2 was his turn. Why was Joey eliminated? We have some reasons here.

Sloppy Dancing

Sure, Joey was super-entertaining. But he wasn't the best of the dancers. The judges commented on his sloppiness out there on the dance floor, and there was plenty to criticize. Joey was far from being the best dancer in this Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars season.

Sooner or later, that was bound to catch up to him.

Great Performances Are Tricky

Everyone acknowledged Joey Fatone as a great performer, but wowing the crowd with amusing antics is a double-edged sword. For every fan who loved that Charlie Chaplin-esque number in the week 2 performances, there was a fan who thought the whole thing was silly. If Joey had combined this with incredible dancing, it would work.

He didn't. It didn't.

Someone Had to Go

This is the All-Star season, so there are bound to be unhappy eliminations. In week 2, it may have just been Joey Fatone's turn. Considering that next week is the dreaded double elimination of Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars, this may have been inevitable.

We Only Need to Save One Boy-Band Person

With Drew Lachey also on Dancing with the Stars this season, the show has a surfeit of former boy-band celebrities. Last week, it was Drew in the hot seat. This week, Joey was the one to go.

This Whole Thing Is a Popularity Contest

How much to people care about 'N SYNC these days? And are those fans watching Dancing with the Stars? That is a pretty important factor in Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars. Most of Joey's competitors have large and passionate fan bases. If Joey's were even a little bit less enthusiastic, he was always going to be in trouble.

Considering that the other celebrity in the Bottom Two was Helio Castroneves -- a racecar driver with a rather specific fan base -- we may be dealing with pure popularity in the results.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Palin

Bristol Palin is seriously hard to eliminate from Dancing with the Stars. It was true in season 11 and it is true now. This is rather unfortunate for dancers like Joey Fatone.

Why do you think Joey Fatone was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars? Who should have been eliminated? Who will go next in the double elimination scheduled for week 3? Leave your comments below!

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