Exclusive Video Interviews with 'Knight Rider' Stars Justin Bruening and Deanna Russo
Exclusive Video Interviews with 'Knight Rider' Stars Justin Bruening and Deanna Russo
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Fans looking for an early peek at the new Knight Rider have been in luck all week, because NBC, in a deal with Hulu, has been streaming the entire first episode online for the past week. The episode is also posted on BuddyTV:

Watch Knight Rider Series Premiere

The fun, action-packed hour introduces the new cast while bringing back several stars of the TV movie, including leads Justin Bruening and Deanna Russo as Mike and Sarah. During BuddyTV’s Knight Rider set visit, we spoke to both of them about the changes from the movie to the TV show and the joys of working with KITT. Continue reading to watch their full video interviews.

The pilot for Knight Rider is special because it features a new record for the time it takes to have its leads strip down to their underwear. It took Fringe until the second half of its pilot for Anna Torv to sex things up in her unmentionables, but for Knight Rider, Bruening and Russo are taking off all their clothes in KITT in the first 15 minutes.

Additionally, Bruening is clearly a fun-loving guy who is simply excited to live out every boy’s fantasy of kicking butt, driving a fast car and getting the beautiful woman. While we were on set, Bruening was filming a scene for a future episode where he engages in a little gunplay in the KITT Cave.

Russo is also having fun, but her joy comes from getting to be a strong, independent woman who knows how to knock guys out. In fact, during our visit, Russo gave a quick demonstration to BuddyTV’s own Royce Yuen, as you can see in the video.

Obviously this isn’t the first romance between a Michael and a Sarah on TV (see: Prison Break), but it promises to be just as potent. Though the characters on Knight Rider once had a relationship, getting it back after going through some traumatic experiences may be difficult. Both stars promise that fans looking for more than just cool car chases will get a healthy dose of romantic turmoil as these two struggle to deal with their feelings.

Knight Rider is still available to view online, and it will hit TV screens Wednesday, September 24 at 8pm on NBC.

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