FOX Loves Having 'Nightmares,' Decides to Keep 'Hell's Kitchen'
Last week, we saw the premiere of the second season of Kitchen Nightmares, where Chef Gordon Ramsay returned to save several failing restaurants from biting the dust.  In fact, the beginning of the season saw him revisiting the kitchens of six restaurants which he managed to save from extinction.

The two-hour season premiere titled “Revisited: Gordon Returns” reeled in some impressive ratings, as it managed to lead the pack and land in the top spot among the 18-49 demographic, garnering a rating of 2.6.  Because of the successful second season launch, the network has decided to keep Gordon Ramsay for a couple of years to come.

On Monday, FOX announced that Ramsay will be part of two more seasons of Hell’s Kitchen and at least one additional season of Kitchen Nightmares.  Moreover, Ramsay is also set to be the host of an unprecedented special which is still in its conceptualization stages and a string of additional series projects.

"Gordon has done an amazing job of creating exciting franchises for FOX," FOX's alternative programming head Mike Darnell said.  "From the first time I met him, it was clear that he would be a big star in America.  He has become one of the 'faces of FOX,' and we're thrilled that he will be on our network for years to come.”

Hell’s Kitchen was a successful summer hit during its first three seasons and returned with its fourth year in April, when they landed the franchise’s highest ratings in the 18-49 demographic, thus becoming the summer’s top program. Season 5 is expected to air at midseason.

"I maintain standards, and I strive for perfection.  That level of pressure is conveyed in a very bullish way, and that's what cooking is all about," Gordon Ramsay says.

Catch him as he takes on more crisis management tonight at 9pm on FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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