Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim to Launch Eponymous New Fragrance
On her way to achieve even more popularity, reality star Kim Kardashian has announced the launch of her new fragrance.  We're not surprised to find out what it's called though, since it's named after her.

Having revealed her new ad campaign for the product, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star donned lingerie and a marabou coat for the image.  According to, the perfume was developed with Lighthouse Beauty and is a mix of scents that will remind you of the reality star.

Sources say that the Kim Kardashian fragrance reflects the personality of the star, since it combines several aromas that play up her femininity.  There's jasmine, tuberose and gardenia, along with tonka bean and sandalwood.

But while the reality star is still biding her time before releasing the perfume, there's her ad campaign to feast your eyes on.  There won't be a scratch and sniff version for now though.  Her fans still have to wait until February this year, when Kim Kardashian's scent will be launched exclusively at Sephora.

If you're already hoping to save up for the perfume, the prices range from $16 for a .33-oz. rollerball to $65 for a 3.4-oz. spray.  The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star revealed on her blog that, "You can't buy it until Feb, but if you sign up on their website you can get an email alert when it becomes available!"

As you can see from Kim's ad, the bottle's a smoky black with glossy pink accents.  It's definitely fitting for this Kardashian, and Kim revealed that she even picked it out herself.

"This was one of the most exciting projects I've been involved in because I got to be so hands on every step of the process from choosing scents, to designing the bottle and the accent features," the reality celebrity wrote.

Kim Kardashian really is all about appearances, if we didn't get that from her Quick Trim commercial with her sister Khloe.  It's venture after venture for this star, making us wonder if she's ever planning on taking a break.

Source:, Kim Kardashian on Celebuzz
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