Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim Comments on Paparazzi and Twitter Impostors
As someone whose entire life can be viewed by the public, Kim Kardashian makes it look pretty easy to be on camera.  However, she still has issues with the paparazzi targeting her fellow celebrities, as well as having to deal with random fans pretending to be her.  To address these matters, the outspoken Keeping Up with the Kardashians star decided it best to open up to Access Hollywood. 

Regarding her defense of Lindsay Lohan's recent disagreement with the authorities, Kim Kardashian explained just why she thought of speaking out.  “I think it's ridiculous that people follow (Lindsay) so closely and scrutinize every little thing that (she and Samantha) do,” she began.  “I think everyone just kind of needs to back off and let any celebrity just live their life."

All that attention wasn't always a good thing for Kim, but she's found her way around it.  “I definitely think that paparazzi is around, but it's where you choose to go and you could avoid it, if you want to,” the reality television actress explained.  “But, it's always that watchful eye.”

Of course, it only gets worse when the public's “watchful eye” grows into an identity-stealing being.  Kim Kardashian has encountered several phony accounts on the Internet phenomenon known as Twitter, and she admits how troubled she is by it.  Taking action, she went on to let the management of Twitter know about it.

“There's so many fake (Kims) that are going around Twittering, saying all this crazy stuff that it really bothers me,” she admitted.  “So, I've been e-mailing the Twitter people. I've had everyone I know try and get a hold of someone to have them delete it. But, no one at Twitter has gotten back to us. We've tried to e-mail you guys like 10 times. Why won't anyone respond!?””

“They're just like e-mailing messages to my friends,” she said, “and my friends at first thought it was me and then they got a little inappropriate and they were like, ‘Kim would never talk like that!'” 

While Kim isn't new to these blogging sites, she's far from pleased about what's happening.  Maybe Kim's learning that being famous isn't all that's cracked up to be?  Right.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Access Hollywood
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