'Bachelor' Bonus Videos: Emily Still 'Belizes' in Love, Just Not with Ben
'Bachelor' Bonus Videos: Emily Still 'Belizes' in Love, Just Not with Ben
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Today's batch of Bachelor bonus videos, coming to us after last night's infuriating episode in Belize, has a special Valentine's Day lesson for everyone. For the single ladies, take comfort that at least you're not dating Ben. For the single fellas, same thing -- but with Courtney. For those of you in relationships, if you're with a very special non-Ben or non-Courtney, make sure to express your love and cherish them today.

And if your special someone reminds you a little too much of the blind Bachelor or his manipulative model, well ... I hope you're single soon. Happy Valentine's Day!

Deleted Scene: Bar Tagging. In keeping with the restaurant's tradition, Ben and Emily tag the bar. And in keeping with The Bachelor's tradition, the girl has a lot more hope than she should.

Diaries of the Departed: Bummed Out Blondes in Belize. Rachel's like your mom. She's not mad, she's just disappointed. And Emily is surprisingly calm, given the dream date she had with Ben this week.

Highlight of the Week: Ben Pulls Courtney Aside. Yes, when Ben pulled Courtney aside to confront her about the rumors he'd heard that she's a manipulative liar who will do and say anything to win, and then handed her a rose based on a couple cooing compliments she gave him in her fake baby voice, it was a real HIGHLIGHT.

The Bachelor: Uncensored: Ben in Belize. "Uncensored" is Bachelor-speak for "shaky and boring."

Week 8 Preview: Hometown Dates. Courtney's going to hold some sort of fake (secretly real) wedding ceremony for Ben. Lindzi's parents are going to force him to pull them in a horse carriage. Nicki's parents are going to interrogate him and force him to cover his lustrous mane with a cowboy hat. And Kacie's parents are clearly going to hate him. Can't wait!

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