K-Ville: Episode 6 "AKA" Recap
K-Ville: Episode 6 "AKA" Recap
After recaps, this episode of K-Ville opens with the guys getting a call. There is an armed robbery, possible car-jacking. When they get there, the victim is shot and the suspects run. They split up and chase them. Cobb catches one and announces it over the radio. The suspect recognizes him from his previous life and after catching Cobb by surprise, he overpowers him. When Glue Boy arrives, he's beaten by the guy and hurt badly. Before he loses consciousness, he kills the suspect.

Glue Boy is in ICU and Ginger is pissed. She confronts Cobb about what happened since he called over the radio that he had the suspect. Of course he can't answer her and he walks away. Back in the locker room, he talks to Marlon and tells him that the suspects were members of his old gang. He decides to go undercover, infiltrate his old gang and take them down. Marlon is concerned and doesn't like it, but ...

Cobb's real name is Trevor Laurette and he goes looking for his old gang. He finds the hangout and the crew leader, Quentin along with another member, Telly and Quentin's girlfriend, Wanda, who Cobb had something going on with before.

Meanwhile as Marlon is driving around, he catches sight of his wife meeting up with another man. Back at home, he asks her about it and she tells him that it is just an old teacher of their daughter's from Atlanta. She swears that there is nothing but friendship, but Marlon is unconvinced.

Cobb and his old gang are sitting around drinking. He tells Quentin that he wants back in. They are skeptical, but finally Quentin seems to go along with him. He tells him of a job they have going down the next night.

Back at the station, they've identified the victim as Trenton Roberts and says he was being investigated for embezzling money from his job. They've also identified the dead perp as Carl Dixon and Ginger is given the assignment to find out everything about him and his crew.

Marlon and Cobb touch bases and trade information.

Marlon and the police surround the antique store where the robbery is supposed to take place, but it was just a test of Cobb's loyalty. Quentin has sent a lone kid to walk around and report back if he sees a bunch of cops around. Marlon spots the kid first and has everyone else stand down. He grabs the kids phone before he can call and report and threatens him. So the kid calls and tells Quentin that it's all clear.

After Quentin leaves for a bit, Cobb starts going through Telly's stuff and finds the watch that the carjacking victim was wearing. Telly walks in on him and they get into a fight. Wanda breaks the fight up and takes care of Cobb's cuts and scrapes. I think that before he went to prison they may have been planning to run off together, but Cobb tells her that he's not back for that ... this is business.

When Quentin gets back, he tells Cobb that there is a job coming up and asks if he can get his hands on some C4. When Cobb asks what the job is, he's not told.

Marlon and Ginger talk to the victim's wife and she's of no help, but she does complain about how all their papers are in their safe and she doesn't know the combination.

Marlon agrees to try to get some C4 for Cobb out of supply. There is a newbie as supply officer. Marlon fixes him up something special with plenty of Tabasco sauce and challenges the guy to eat it. After a couple of bites, he can't handle it and runs to the bathroom. While he's indisposed, Marlon grabs some C4. In parting, Marlon gives the guy some good advice: Milk to cool the burn in his mouth, and a banana because it's gonna burn coming out the other end, too.

When Marlon gets home, his wife and daughter aren't there. He hears someone on the porch, however, and it turns out to be the other guy. He's left a gardenia for Marlon's wife as a goodbye. When Marlon confronts him, he tells Marlon somethings that he seems to have taken for granted about his wife before he leaves.

Cobb takes the C4 to Quentin and asks what the job is, but is still not told. Quentin just tells him a date and a time. When Wanda tells Quentin to just tell him, he backhands her. Cobb later goes to Wanda and tells her that it's not too late for her to get out and start over.

Cobb and Marlon meet one more time in the bar to exchange information and Marlon gives Cobb a time deadline for information before he calls in the calvary. Unfortunately, Wanda sees them as they leave and when Cobb walks back into the gang house, Quentin pulls a gun on him.

When the time period is up with no word from Cobb, Marlon talks to Captain Embry and tells him that he has a tip about the hideout. When they get there, no one is there, but Ginger finds evidence that they were recently there and also some tech specs of a fancy safe.

The gang goes over to the carjacking victim's home and ties up the wife and daughter. Marlon finds out that there are very few of those safes in the area and that one of them belongs to the victim so the NOPD heads over there.

Cobb is being made to set the C4 and blow the safe. They threaten him with killing the wife and daughter if he doesn't hurry up. He starts making these mumblings about the C4 being too old and unstable and this disconcerts Telly. Cobb manages to disarm one of the guys, grab the daughter and jump out of the front window just as the police arrive.

Inside the gang realizes that Cobb is not just an informant, but is a cop. Quentin decides to leave without the money in the safe, but using the wife as a hostage, but Telly stays behind. Trevor talks Wanda into giving up, but Quentin shoots her in the back as she walks toward the police. While this is going on, Telly calls himself finishing up the C4 setup and then he attempts to detonate it. Instead of just blowing the safe, it blows the entire front of the house.

Telly dies in the house, Quentin gets away, and Wanda dies in Cobb's arms. He cries and hugs her to him.

Back at the station, Marlon tells Cobb that because of the explosives, the FBI has taken over looking for Quentin but that he thinks he's probably in Mexico by now. Cobb tells him that he hopes not because it's not finished between them. Glue boy is out of the hospital and visits the station, and Embry jumps on Marlon and Cobb for running an undercover operation without him knowing anything about it.

The closing scenes of this episode of K-Ville has Cobb back in his trailer, sitting with the necklace that Wanda wore and mourning her. Marlon, meanwhile, has set up a romantic dinner for his wife. They straighten things out between them and she agrees to give staying in New Orleans a little more time.

Next time on K-Ville, a case that starts with $50,000 and a homicide, ends with a 3 yr old girl and in the middle promises lots of action.

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