K-Ville: Episode 10 "Ride Along" Recap
K-Ville: Episode 10 "Ride Along" Recap
This episode of K-Ville opens with Captain Embry telling Marlon and Cobb that they've been volunteered to have a New York Herald reporter as a ride along. Neither of them are real thrilled with the idea for their own reasons.

Cobb, of course, is worried about his secret coming out and Marlon is concerned that another outsider will come in with a bias and write an unflattering story about his city. We know there will be a nasty murder scene, there always is. How will this ride along affect how the guys do their job?

They try to soft sell her by giving her a tour of New Orleans when a call comes in for a murder. When they get to the scene, they find the victim, Travis, is not the typical victim for that area. He has no record or gang ties and he was executed outside of his house. They're told there are no witnesses, but Travis' car shows signs of another person being in the car ... but not when the shooting took place.

They go to Travis' workplace and find out that he may have witnessed a murder the week before.

In order to find out more information, they catch up with one of Marlon's informants. Nicky rides around in a motorized wheelchair and haunts the laundromat. When he can't give them any information, they have to take an alternate route.

They find a group of guys doing drug business and they give chase. The reporter, Jodi, witnesses and takes pictures of Marlon and Cobb shaking down a couple of the guys for information. When one of them is threatened with a third strike drug bust, he gives them the name 'Caveman' as the murderer.

Back at the station, they find out that this Caveman is on a list of most wanted criminals. It seems that charges don't stick to him because he kills all the witnesses to his crimes. Jodi is on her cell phone giving her editor this same information.

They find out from a 3rd Precinct police officer that Travis came in and told what he'd witnessed. He refused to go to a hotel or be moved, so the police officer tried to protect him by not posting the murder. That way he could keep the fact that they had a witness a secret, or so he thought. Obviously, though, Caveman found out about him somehow.

As they are driving around, Marlon jumps out of the squad car and gives chase to someone or something. It turns out that he was chasing Nicky's dead girlfriend's cat. Cobb and Jodi follow behind him and Cobb ends up catching the cat. In doing so, he falls through some rotted floorboards. Jodi wants to take pictures, but Cobb reminds her that he doesn't get his picture taken for any reason.

Eventually, Travis' girlfriend, Hayley, is found. At first she claims that she wasn't with Travis when he was killed. After some threatening by the guys, she confesses that she did witness the murder. She picks Caveman's photo out of a photo line up. They keep her in custody for her safety as they try to find Caveman.

For this high risk apprehension, the squad is in SWAT gear. When they get to the building where Caveman lives, they get out and take positions. Marlon notices a kid on the roof and he runs inside and flashes lights. The stupid reporter also takes flash photos that give away their position. Somehow, Caveman found out about a witness again and set up a lookout and he gets away.

They are really mad at Jodi and try to brush her off at the station. She follows them and sees Marlon find Nicky and give him the cat. She tells him that she is going to make her story about everyday heroes instead of focusing on the perception of lazy, dirty NO police officers.

Cobb is upset that Marlon brought up the possibility of a dirty squad member to Embry. He's afraid that Embry will call for an Internal Affairs investigation. He tells Marlon that he will come under suspicion because of the holes in his made up background. Marlon understands and the partners decide to try to find the dirty squad member on their own.

The next morning, they get royally chewed out by Captain Embry. It seems that instead of the Everyday Heroes story, there is a story on the front page of the NY Herald about lazy cops that shake down kids, spend their time chasing cats and can't catch one of the most notorious criminals.

They think that Jodi screwed them, but she insists that she didn't. She tells them that her editor thought her story was a puff piece and rewrote her story using her notes and photos. As Embry continues to read the article, they realize that the author outted Nicky as an informant.

When Marlon and Cobb go looking for Nicky, they see Caveman running out of the building that Nicky sometimes stays in. They apprehend Caveman and another guy and when they have them subdued, they go looking inside for Nicky. Unfortunately, Caveman found him first. The guys find him dead. Once again Jodi has followed them and she sees what she's caused.

This episode of K-ville ends with Jodi deciding to quit her job and write a letter to the editor explaining what really was going on in New Orleans. Nicky's cat needs a home and Marlon convinces Cobb to take her in.

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