'Hell's Kitchen' Finale Recap: Only One Door Will Open
'Hell's Kitchen' Finale Recap: Only One Door Will Open
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Tonight is the night that the week after dramatic week of burning oil in the Hell's Kitchen competition will be put to an end. Chef Ramsay has offered a job as executive chef at his restaurant Steak at Paris in Las Vegas.

18 cheftestants have been shaved down to only two finalists. Will it be Christina or Justin walking through that door and descending down the stairs to a swarm of people, confetti and balloons? Let's skip the small talk and find out!

When we left off last week, both finalists were working to get their menus and eliminated chef brigades in order.

Clemenza, the fourth little piggy, gets over his hissy fit and sits back down amongst Justin and the Blue brigade. The dirty chef's word is given to Justin that he'll step up to the plate and do what needs to be done. That's easier said, though, as Clemenza sits at the bar waiting for his temporary boss to give him orders. "I gotta make sure they're focused," says Justin. Unfortunately, the dinner service preparation shows that you're already failing in this field.

While Christina has her team under control, or at least more so than Justin, Clemenza is still digging himself into a hole under the ovens. With only minutes to spare before Chef Ramsay tastes each menu, Clemenza has burnt the crustini. "You are literally breaking down!" yells a frustrated Justin. Thankfully, Brian, the president of Justin's fan club, has his back. Freshly prepared crustinis are served up perfectly. "I'm gonna fight for him tooth and nail," nods Brian, in a weird and creepy sort of way.

Finale Dinner Service

The first ticket is called in each kitchen. Christina keeps a close eye on Robyn, who is known to be a "cancer on any team," as the finalist puts it. As for the Blue brigade, the first order proves to be difficult for Royce, who cannot seem to fry up a crab cake correctly. After poking fun at a whiny Justin, he finally delivers those crab cakes.

Now the Red brigade is at a standstill because of Dana's scallops. Robyn had her risotto perfect, but it's getting cold at the pass since the scallops weren't cooked properly. With some communication and synchronization, eventually they get it together and appetizers are pushed out successfully.

Another run-in with Clemenza and raw food provokes Chef Ramsay to believe that he wants to sabotage his former teammate. This is the kick in the rear Clemenza needs, hopefully, in order to perform as he's agreed he would. On the other side of the wall, Dana and Christina's friendship looks to be shriveling up on the burner. Halibut is to blame as Dana serves it overcooked. Both Christina and Chef Andi urge Dana to follow orders and deliver another serving to the pass. Dana refuses, insisting she's already solved the issue.

If this dinner service continues this way, I don't foresee Clemenza, Dana or Royce finding a job in any other kitchen. They can't follow simple orders because they are too busy thinking of themselves. This isn't about you; it's about what your head chef wants. I'll step off my soapbox now.

The Red brigade might be at a standstill, but it's no better than having food sent back from the dining room. Justin has cold fish returned to the kitchen with Royce's name all over it. With this setback, Dana picks up the pace, and Christina and the Red brigade are able to feed her diners their entrees. Once Royce gets his fish station under control, both brigades are left to work on that last order.

That last ticket is a problem for both teams as the kitchens take their precious time wrapping up their dinner service. Dana's raw pork sets everyone else back, and the entire ticket must be re-fired. Christina refuses to send the last order out sloppily, so they try it again. Justin is faced with the same issue when Barbie fires up her rib-eyes wrong. She would fire up another two, but she's run out. Justin must substitute rib-eyes for fillets. It's a good save under pressure.

Chef Ramsay has decided to do away with the double doors reveal, naming the winner of Hell's Kitchen season 10 right now.

Winner: Tavon

Just kidding! Tavon was eliminated the very first week. There's no way he'll be winning anything. Chef Gordon Ramsay actually made a funny joke. Who would have thought?

Seriously, now. Chef Ramsay has reviewed the entire season of work seen from Christina and Justin. As they stand behind their transparent doors, overlooking a sea of family, friends, former co-cheftestants and other random people, Christina and Justin look at one another and wait for the count of three. 1 ... 2 ... 3...

Season 10 Winner: Christina

Christina deserves this one. She's had a mostly strong performance throughout the competition. She's kept her head in the game and has executed her menu to the best of her ability, leaving friendships at the door. Congratulations, Christina!

So this means that Christina will be taking on that executive chef spot at Steak in Las Vegas, making a quarter of a million dollars in salary. Jealous yet? How do you feel about Christina's win? Should Justin have opened that door, or someone else for that matter? Leave your comments below and give us your insight.

I hope you have enjoyed season 10 of Hell's Kitchen. Until next year's display of wacky characters and jaw-dropping drama, take care!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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