'Justified' Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Bullets Fly in 'Ghosts'
'Justified' Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Bullets Fly in 'Ghosts'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Justified season 4 comes to an end tonight when Raylan has a final showdown with the Detroit mob while Boyd and Ava attempt to cover their murderous past. In "Ghosts," countless bullets fly, a legion of deaths and as the picture shows, there's a dead body in Boyd's office.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Justified spoilers and clips. You've been warned.

Check out the preview for the season 4 finale.

Highlights from the preview:

  • "I want you to swear that you'll leave my family be." -- Raylan
    "If I say I'm gonna kill you family, I'm gonna kill your family." -- 
  • "You always said moving a body is a real good way of getting caught." -- Ava
  • "We all end where he's at sooner or later." -- Boyd
  • "You ain't got nothing on Ava." -- Boyd
    "You sure?" -- Raylan
  • "It could be I have one more card to play." -- Boyd
  • The Detroit mob has Winona captured and guns pointed at Raylan. Not a good situation.
  • "Let's talk about how to keep this from being the worst day of your life." -- Mobster
In "Ghosts," Raylan finally starts his 30-day suspension, but that doesn't mean he stays out of trouble. He finds Winona being held by the Detroit mob and the situation is dangerous with so many guns in a small room. Will the mob hurt a pregnant lady? 

With Ellen May in custody, Boyd and Ava come up with a plan to protect themselves regarding Delroy's murder. Nothing they attempt goes according to their plans though.

A lesson of "Ghosts" is that it's dangerous to make assumptions about what people will or won't do to protect their loved ones. And, more importantly, be careful who you trust. If you make the wrong choice in Harlan, you could end up dead.

The final moments with both Raylan and Boyd are heartbreaking and poignant, while also being two of the most beautiful scenes filmed of the season.

Justified airs Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on FX.

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(Image and video courtesy of FX.)