'Justified' Recap: Raylan Searches for a Missing Crowe
'Justified' Recap: Raylan Searches for a Missing Crowe
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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After the events of last week's episode -- namely, the blow-out between Art and Raylan, as well as the blowing away of Johnny's men by Daryl and Danny -- I thought I should strap in for a crazy, insane episode of Justified.

But no, this week's episode is a quieter affair. A lot does happen; at least, that's what my notes tell me. And while a lot of it is very good, most of it isn't exactly that interesting. It probably doesn't help that all three main stories seem so disconnected from each other.

Raylan Helps Wendy and Loses Alison

Raylan shows signs of wanting his relationship with Alison to go to the next level in this week's episode. And it starts with a bathing suit he buys her so she can come join him on his vacation to Florida.

Alison doesn't love the idea of hanging around Raylan while he visits his ex and his daughter, but eventually she agrees -- until Wendy calls, panicked that a scary man named Michael is looking for Uncle Jack, who happens to be with Kendall. Wendy shoots out Michael's tires with a shotgun, but she knows he'll eventually catch up with Jack and Kendall.

Raylan doesn't want to help Wendy, even when she offers to rat on what her brothers are doing in Mexico and drop her complaints against Alison so she can reinstated. But Alison gives him an intense look of disappointment until he acquiesces and decides to help Wendy.

What Wendy doesn't tell Raylan is what Kendall figures out all on his own: Wendy is actually his mother and Uncle Jack is his father. I didn't pick up on any of this over the course of the season, but it's also not entirely surprising given the age differences.

While Raylan is on the "case," Jack mistakenly lets Kendall get kidnapped by Michael when fleeing for his life before they can steal a car. He calls Wendy and asks for help.

When Raylan meets Michael, he learns the actual truth of why Michael wants Jack so bad. It's because Jack was skimming off a card game to help finance some fracking scheme he wanted to get involved in. When Michael's son found out, Jack put him in a coma.

Michael doesn't put up much of a fight and he's later arrested by the police. Raylan takes the opportunity to try and "scare Kendall straight," but winds up oddly just giving him his radio contest money. He then learns from Wendy that she actually has no idea what her brothers were up to in Mexico and lied to Raylan so he'd help her out. Raylan, like Boyd, loses a lot in this episode.

He's not done losing at that moment, however. When Raylan goes to visit Alison, she tells him the trip to Florida is off -- because she wants to break up.

Boyd Comes Home

Boyd gets to go home, relatively unharmed, by the end of the episode. But he's also lost a lot.
At the beginning of the episode, Alberto, who works for Mr. Yoon, tells Boyd that while he and his men get to keep their lives, the business relationship with Mr. Yoon is over because of what happened at the end of last week's show -- namely, that there are now four dead bodies to be dealt with.

He soon gets stopped by local Mexican police and, after a failed, weak attempt to pretend to be missionaries, has to hand over $1,000, then another $1,000 and then finally all the drugs in the truck. That's right, he leaves Mexico with nothing.

Nothing, that is, except knowledge. Jimmy and Boyd figure out at the end of the episode that Daryl and Danny had hatched this plan all along. Everything that happened in Mexico happened because they planned it that way. The truce between Boyd and the Crowes is now officially over.

Ava Starts Her Drug Operation in Prison

In this week's episode, Ava starts laying the groundwork for her drug operation in the prison. She starts by recruiting Penny to help dislocate her shoulder so Ava can go to the prison hospital.

She wanted a private visit with a nurse who she thought would help her get some more powerful, more illegal painkillers. The nurse completely blows her off until later, in the showers, where she tells Ava that she was stupid for propositioning her in front of a colleague, and also agrees to help her bring drugs into the prison.

However, she wants Ava's "man on the outside" to do something for her, and it's something that she won't share with Ava.

While Boyd has enough on his plate with the duplicity from the Crowes, he's about to get involved in Ava's drug operation very, very soon. 

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