'Justified' Recap: Unexpected 'Foot Chase' Ends with Marriage Proposal
'Justified' Recap: Unexpected 'Foot Chase' Ends with Marriage Proposal
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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If you love puns about missing feet, Raylan continually showing how badass he is or romantic moments between the characters, there was plenty for you to be happy about in tonight's new episode of Justified.

At its core, however, "Foot Chase" was about everyone looking for two individuals: Drew Thompson and Ella Mae. (Tim also got a random subplot. But we'll talk about that in a second.)

Looking for Drew Thompson

The episode opens with someone named Dale in a chair, while Boyd and Colt are wearing masks and questioning him. Unfortunately for Boyd, Dale isn't who he thinks he is: Drew Thompson.

The next morning, members of the Sheriff's Department are discussing one's ability to survive after the loss of a foot at Josiah's house, while Raylan questions why they don't seem to be too concerned with finding the fugitive it belongs to.

Raylan decides to go question Benny about his girlfriend Roz; the two of them were the ones that broke into Arlo's house in the season premiere and Roz is Josiah's stepdaughter. We learned last week that Josiah hired the two of them to break into Arlo's home.

Sheriff Shelby suggests Raylan go to visit Teddy, a part Cherokee man who speaks no English, and might be harboring Roz. A fight almost ensues, but Roz gives herself up and invites Raylan in. Raylan learns quickly Teddy does speak English when he comes at Raylan with a weapon after he interrogates Roz who pleads ignorance on who chopped off her stepfather's foot.

Roz did witness the attack and heard someone call Josiah by the name Drew Thompson. Shelby pleads ignorance about knowing that name with Raylan - even though we saw him looking up the name a few episodes ago - but Raylan doesn't want to trust him because he believes he's working an angle with Boyd.

Shelby leaves to go talk with Boyd--by arresting him and bringing him to Raylan. Thiswas likely for show to tell Raylan that he could be trusted.

During the interrogation, Boyd immediately denies any involvement in what happened to Josiah. Knowing he's not getting anywhere, Shelby changes the subject to Ella Mae (who we know of course that Shelby rescued), and then Boyd changes it back to Josiah, assuming that Colt had succeeded in killing her. Boyd's lawyer (who is also Arlo's lawyer) comes in not long after and ends the interview before Shelby or Raylan can get anything useful out of Boyd.

Boyd's telling the truth, however, since we shortly see Josiah arguing with the two people who kidnapped him--two people we haven't seen before. Josiah is bleeding badly and is in a lot of pain. Their boss then comes in and it's a woman.

(Justified has a very large cast, so if anyone recognizes those three, please feel free to mention it in the comments.)

Raylan and Shelby bust in on the three just as they're about to use a blowtorch on Josiah's foot to stop it from bleeding more. One of them foolishly tries to even use the blowtorch against Raylan who barely acknowledges the sloppy attempt.

Josiah tells Raylan that he was going to find Drew himself--possibly putting to rest the idea that he IS Drew. By the end of the episode, we're (and Raylan) aren't sure he's telling the truth.

Looking for Ella Mae

Early in the episode, Colt is busy trying to hide his drug use in the bathroom, while Johnny and Boyd argue about where Drew could be. Colt's increased drug use is likely connected to his fear that Boyd will discover he failed to kill Ella Mae. Later in the episode, he goes to question another one of Ava's prostitutes, Teri, about her whereabouts. 

Teri is also Johnny's girlfriend and she's quite unhappy to see her roughed up. (Colt hit her.) She lies and says a customer named Max hit her. Colt and Johnny go to visit Max where he gets the beating of his life time from Colt, eager to pin his mistake on someone else.

Since Colt is able to keep up his deception that she's dead, Ava later confesses to Boyd how upset she is that they had Ella Mae killed off. She wants to know there's an end road to all of the awful things they're currently involved in, especially now that Boyd had her go threaten a judge (Arnold, the one who Ella Mae accidentally shot while he was in a bear costume in the season premiere) so they could get invited to some important party.

Boyd asks Ava for a few moments alone outside. He sits on a pick-up truck and gives her a lockbox. Inside is a lot of money that Boyd has been stashing away and hiding from Ava. "I've just been waiting for the time to be right," says Boyd. "It's a down payment on a house."

And then he proposes to her, ending the episode.

Tim's random subplot

Critics and fans have complained Tim and Rachel don't get integrated into the main story very often, so they've definitely been more involved in Raylan's coming and goings this season. Oddly though, Tim gets his own subplot tonight, mostly unrelated to everything else going on.

Tim goes to a drug addiction meeting to meet with someone named Mark he's apparently sponsoring. Mark needs help paying off some debts from his drug-use days. At the meeting, he runs into Colt who's attending a meeting as well--though he denies it and says he's there to meet with a clinic doctor.

Later in the episode, Tim joins Mark when he goes to meet up with the person angry at him. That man demands everyone strip when they enter his house to ensure they're not wearing a wire or a piece.

That man pulls a gun on Mark, but Tim quickly pulls one on him saying, "Good thing I never took my pants off."

This plot seems to have little pay-off, aside from perhaps showing Tim, who's merely tolerated Raylan, is quite like the man himself. Then again, for all we know, either Mark or his drug dealer could be Drew Thompson himself...
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