'Justified' Finale Recap: Taking the Fall
'Justified' Finale Recap: Taking the Fall
So this third season of Justified comes to an end tonight. It was a little bit of a bumpy ride, but this episode does a nice job of tying everything together. I'm still not quite sure that it was necessary to have three villains plotting against each other and Raylan at all times, so much so that the Deputy Marshall was sidetracked for much of the season, but in the end, it was a hell of a ride and I'm sure we will all be back asking for more next year.

Russian Roulette

That cop Quarles shot last week? Dead. So Raylan is understandably not amused and doesn't have much patience anymore with the kind of bullsh*t Harlan county criminals like to pull. When he goes to pay Duffy a little visit in his trailer, he plays a game of one-way Russian roulette (every time Duffy gives an unsatisfactory answer to one of Raylan's questions, he pulls the trigger). Unfortunately, Duffy really doesn't know where Quarles might hide. All we know is, Raylan is a certifiable badass.


Next stop for Raylan: Limehouse. The BBQ chef promised him previously that he'd deliver Quarles and Boyd to him in the interest of keeping his business on the low. Problem is, Raylan didn't get his hands on Boyd or Quarles. Instead, a cop is dead. A few menacing words, and suddenly, everyone is drawing guns. "I don't think you're seeing the big picture," whispers Limehouse. And upon turning around, the Deputy Sheriff realizes that he is surrounded and greatly outnumbered by Limehouse's men who would also know how to make his body completely disappear.

You Can't Bury the Past

However, Limehouse is still willing to help Raylan take down Boyd. So sensible information is launched in the direction of law enforcement, detailing where some of Boyd's victims might be buried and such. Devil to be exact. State Troopers are digging him up. The new Sheriff, put in that position by the aforementioned reformed neo-nazi, calls the man and warns him of what's going down. The question then becomes, who in Boyd's crew spilled the beans? Arlo can't say for sure that he didn't tell something to someone. In any event, Boyd gets arrested.

Quarles' Last Deed

Quarles kidnaps a family of devout Christians on the way back from a Christian rock festival. He calls Theo and inquires what it takes "to go home." Well, it takes $500,000 and a lot of humiliation. So he trades one of his hostages for Raylan and drives to extort a little money out of Limehouse who is still purported to hold the Benett clan's money. Turns out he has it quite literally in a piggy bank. So after a little shootout business, Limehouse cuts off Quarles' arm and, bleeding out on the floor, he imparts the information that it wasn't him who killed that State trooper, but Raylan's dad.

Daddy Issues

So Raylan takes in Arlo. And not only does the old man confess to killing the trooper, he confesses to killing Devil. Raylan, of course, knows that he simply takes the fall for Boyd who subsequently goes free, but that's just how things go on Justified. When you've got an amazing actor like Walton Goggins, you can't have his character just spend the next 30 years in jail. So we will see the entire gang we have come to love again next year.

What did you think of the season finale? Satisfied with how everything turned out? Wanted to see more of Raylan this season? Think Quarles will be back next season?

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

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