'Justified' Cast and Creators Discuss Season 4's Bluegrass Conspiracy and More
'Justified' Cast and Creators Discuss Season 4's Bluegrass Conspiracy and More
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Justified season 4 premiered on Tuesday, January 8 on FX. The cast, including Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, Nick Searcy, Joelle Carter, Erica Tazel, and Jacob Pitts, as well as showrunner Graham Yost spoke at TCA 2013 about what fans can expect this season. 

Here are a few highlights from the panel:

Season 4 is a mystery. Graham Yost said that season 4 will be mainly about a mystery he dubbed "The bluegrass conspiracy." He said that they will be piecing out the mystery throughout the episodes and that the first half of the season will be more stand-alone episodes. By the fifth episode, the show will focus more on the mystery, which will be mainly solved around episode 9. 

Boyd and Raylan's relationship will evolve this season. Walton Goggins spoke about the relationship between Boyd, saying that there is a line in an upcoming episode that he feels is an indication of where they've come, which is "Raylan, I don't like you." Goggins said he felt that it was the first time Boyd expressed his feelings toward Raylan said it in quite that way. Goggins added that he feels Boyd and Raylan have seen their relationship differently throughout previous season, but at the end of this season, they may agree. Timothy Olyphant added that he never thought of Raylan and Boyd as friends because they've never shot a scene where one of them says "Hey, let's go get a drink," which is something he feels friends would do. 

Boyd and Ava's relationship will be taking a big step this season as well. Goggins spoke of the love between Ava and Boyd, saying that it was as beautiful a love story as any he had seen. He spoke of the two taking a "big step" in their relationship this season, saying "Fortunately for Boyd, everything he does this season is about protecting something he can believe in: his love for Ava." Goggins described Boyd and Ava, saying: "It's two people who love each other, who listen to each and take each other's counsel."

Timothy Olyphant finds playing such a laconic character challenging. When asked about what it was like to play Raylan, Olyphant said that the trick to playing him is that with such a laconic character, you can only go so far and that the trick to it was to keep it interesting. He pointed out that he still found playing Raylan "engaging and entertaining." Yost added that they "have a lot of fun throwing things at Tim" and that the writers like to have Raylan show affection for people fans wouldn't expect. 

The show will be looking at the lives of a lot of different characters in season 4. 

A big chunk of Elmore Leonard's book will make it into the show this season.

There is some great Rachel/Raylan stuff coming this season, specifically around episode 4.

The focus in season 4, as it has been in other seasons, is: "the guy in the hat," Boyd, the mystery, and the bad guys. 

What do you think of these tidbits from the cast and creators of Justified? What did you think of the season 4 premiere? Are you excited to see what else is in store for our favorite "guy in the hat?"

Justified airs on Tuesday nights at 10pm on FX. 

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