Jericho: First Three Season 2 Episodes Leaked
Jericho: First Three Season 2 Episodes Leaked
The first three episodes of Jericho season 2 have leaked onto the torrent sites.  This isn't a rare occurrence.  TV shows, movies and albums get leaked all the time before their proper releases.  However, it is usually rare when a TV series gets leaked ahead of time.  Last year, the first four episodes of 24's sixth season became available on torrent sites before the premiere, but that was attributed to FOX releasing a DVD containing the first four episodes the day after the two-night premiere.  With Jericho, there is no such DVD.  Therefore, I think the question needs to be asked: did CBS themselves release the episodes onto the internet?

Networks have become much more gung ho about pre-releasing TV episodes over the past year.  NBC created a lot of buzz when they made the pilots of their four new 2007 hour longs available on DVD and On Demand prior to the premieres.  HBO, just this last month, has made episodes of The Wire available On Demand a week before their proper air dates.  Is CBS doing the same, albeit in a more viral manner, with Jericho?  My suspicion would be no, if only because the release of three episodes seems excessive, especially given that Jericho season 2 will only contain seven episodes. 

Jericho already has a stable of loyal fans – they need to worry about bringing in new ones.  Perhaps their logic goes like this: if they can create a buzz about the series with these leaked episodes, then maybe former non-fans will become interested enough to check out the first season DVD.  This is a big leap, however, and the fact that CBS has remained hush regarding the leak makes me believe that the release of these three episodes to the internet was unintentional.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)